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Recently Passed Ordinances

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Ordinance A-2019-20, Speed Zones Established

Ordinance B-2019-20, County Sales and Use Tax

Ordinance C-2019-20, Speed Zones Established

Ordinance D-2019-20, Speed Zones Established

Ordinance E-2019-20, County Board Salary

Ordinance F-2019-20, Establish a cut off time for filing and recording real estate documents in the Register of Deeds Office

Ordinance G-2019-20, Outagamie County Comprehensive Plan

Ordinance H-2019-20, Commercial Ground Transportation

Ordinance Z-1-2019-20, Town of Freedom; Petitioner:  N. Bougie

Ordinance Z-2-2019-20, Town of Cicero; Petitioner:  R. Reider, agent for E. Gritt

Ordinance Z-3-2019-20, Town of Cicero; Petitioner:  A. Wescott

Ordinance Z-4-2019-20, Town of Cicero; Petitioner:  R. Moeller

Ordinance Z-5-2019-20, Town of Freedom; Petitioner:  M. Vosters Construction, applicant and D. Schaetz and D. Guerts, owners

Ordinance Z-7-2019-20, Town of Vandenbroek; Petitioner:  J. Sehloff, agent for Van Handel Homestead, LLC

Ordinance Z-9-2019-20, Town of Vandenbroek; Petitioner:  MLS Futures Group, LLC