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EBDM Team Charter

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Outagamie County, Wisconsin EBDM Policy Team Charter 
                                    (created 7/31/2015)

Policy Team Vision:
Reduce harm, decrease victimization, and create healthier and safer communities.

Policy Team Mission/Purpose:
Develop a collaborative, countywide, strategic plan to implement proven, data-driven and cost-effective system improvements to increase positive outcomes for victims, offenders, and the community.


Policy Team Values:
Our work is guided by many values; however, of primary focus for the EBDM initiative are the following values:

  • Offender specific, targeted intervention – We believe in: fairness and equality for all participants in the criminal justice system; our system must be adaptable to individual cases – and therefore requires a continuum of options; making the right decision at the right time by applying the various goals of sentencing and the continuum of responses.
  • Community protection – We believe that every citizen has a right to be safe and that public confidence is vital.
  • Victim-centered approach – We believe that victims’ voices, perspectives, and interests are important in our policy and practice decisions.
  • Offender success and accountability – We believe that people should exit our system in a better place than when they entered it and that holding offenders accountable is as important as promoting offender success.
  • Research-informed decision making – We believe that our decisions, policies, programs, and services must be data driven and evidence-based and ongoing reassessment of our systems and adjusting accordingly.
  • System-wide collaboration – We believe that all of the criminal justice system and other agency partners must work together; accountability is not just an expectation we have for offenders, it applies to us as well; and we all have the potential to be powerful agents of positive change – within the system, the community and with the individuals who interact with our systems.