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Understanding Your Tax Bill

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It is important that you read your tax bill carefully before sending in your payment. Below is a sample of what you will receive and what you'll find on it.

Other than the City of Appleton, all municipalities offer a 2 installment option. The stubs at the top of your bill indicate how much is due, the due date, and where the payment should be made. it also gives you important information about your municipality office hours and where to make late payments.

You will find Assessed and Fair Market Values along the top of the actual statement, along with the 9 digit # that identifies your parcel. Please note that the first 3 digits you see are only used for administrative purposes; the last 9 digits are what is needed if you intend to search for your tax bill or to make payments online.

You can find out how your taxes are being disbursed, if there are any special assessments included on your bill and if any credits have been applied to calculate your net tax.

Information on the Lottery and Gaming Credit and First Dollar Credit can be found HERE.

Below that it will indicate who the county has on record as the property owner and a brief legal description of the property. Due to space limitations, in certain cases not all owners may be shown on the tax bill. You can call 832-5665 if you have concerns about your property record.

The mailing address is what the county has on record. If you have a correction or need your tax bill mailed to a different address please contact the Treasurers Office at 832-5065. Note that tax bills cannot be mailed to a mortgage loan/escrow agent.

Sample Tax Bill