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Property Tax and Fair Market Value

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Property Tax and Fair Market Value Estimation 
The information on this page will assist you in determining an estimate of real estate taxes for your property as well as its fair market value. Any estimations are not guaranteed and may be used as reference only. 2019 taxes WERE calculated and mailed in Mid-December.  




Estimated Property Taxes

Assessed Value: $150,000   Tax Rate: $20.50/ thousand

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$150,000 » 150.000

150.000 x 20.50 = 3,075 Est. = $3,075.00 


Estimated Fair Market Value

Assessed Value: $150,000   Ratio: 1.0750                  


Assessed Value/Ratio

150,000 x 1.0750 = 161,250   FMV = $161,250.00


*The tax rate and and fair market ratio are different for each municipality.*

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