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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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I  need a copy of my tax bill(s).  Are reprints available? (Back to top)

Yes.  The Treasurer’s Office will reprint a tax bill for $.25 at our office or $1.00, paid in advance, to mail or fax the copy.  Reach us at (920) 832-5065.  You may print your own 2010 or newer tax bill copy from our property tax records website. Go to the Property Search Portal, enter your parcel ID, address or first & last name, click on "Find Now", then click on the red parcel number. Once there, in the 'select detail' dropdown menu choose taxes then find "print tax bills"  and click on the year for a printable view. 

May I find out what I paid for taxes in previous years?  (Back to top)

Yes.  You may call the Treasurer’s Office at (920) 832-5065 for payment information back to 1982.  Information from tax year 2010 and forward is available at our property tax records website, then follow the instructions above to find your parcel, then click on the red tax year under tax history. For tax information before 1982, see Historical Tax Records.

May I pay my current taxes by mail?  (Back to top)

Yes.  Include the tax bill payment stub for proper credit and a self-addressed stamped envelope if you want a receipt mailed to you.  Payments must be received or have a U.S. Postal Service postmark by the due date.

Do you accept credit card payments?  (Back to top)

Yes.  Credit card, debit card or electronic check (E-check) payments may be paid on-line on the property tax records page on our website.  The credit & debit card fee is 2.2% of the payment amount. E-check payment fee is .25.  Enter your parcel ID, address or first & last name, click on "Find Now", then click on the red parcel number. Once there, click on "Pay Taxes" on the bottom of the page and it will bring you to our 3rd party provider MSB's site.  Enter the requested information and submit for payment.  An emailed receipt will be forwarded to you.

Where do I send payments for current taxes or delinquent taxes? (Back to top)

All properties except City of Appleton:

1st installment or full payment, due by January 31st, is paid to the local treasurer as listed on the upper-left stub of the tax bill.  The 2nd installment or any payment made from February 1st or after is paid to Outagamie County Treasurer, 320 S. Walnut St., Appleton, WI  54911.  All prior years’ delinquent taxes are paid to Outagamie County Treasurer.

Only City of Appleton properties:

If paid by July 31st, full payment or any of the four installments are paid to City of Appleton – Finance Dept., PO Box 2519, Appleton, WI  54912.  After July 31st, any remaining balance becomes delinquent and is due to the Outagamie County Treasurer, 320 S. Walnut St., Appleton, WI  54911.  Installment due dates for City of Appleton properties are the 31st of January, March, May and July.  Prior year delinquent taxes are  collected by the Outagamie County Treasurer.

 What if any Real Estate tax bill installment is not paid on time?  (Back to top)

2-installment bill:

If the entire first installment amount is not paid by its due date of January 31st, the remaining principal balance of the tax bill becomes delinquent with 1% interest charged on the first of each following month.  If the entire second installment amount is not paid by its due date of July 31st, the remaining unpaid principal balance is charged 1% monthly interest calculated from February.

4-installment bill:

If any of the four installments is not fully paid by its respective due date, the unpaid principal balance is charged 1% monthly interest calculated from February.

What happens if my taxes are delinquent?  (Back to top)

Interest of 1% on the unpaid principal is charged monthly after the due date.  If taxes are delinquent for 3 or more years, the property becomes eligible for foreclosure per WI State Statute 74.11 & 74.12.

Where do I get a payoff balance?  (Back to top)

Balances are updated daily on the Real Estate Tax webpage. Follow the instructions at the top of this page in question #1 or you may call the Treasurer’s Office at (920) 832-5065 with questions. 

Do I still have to pay interest if I didn’t receive a tax bill?  (Back to top)

Yes. Interest is charged once the taxes become delinquent whether the bill was received or not per WI State Statute 74.09(6). Property tax bills are mailed mid-December each year.  If you do not receive one, contact the individual municipal Treasurer’s office.

What are the “Other” special charges on my tax bill?  (Back to top)

Special assessments or charges are additional bills added to your tax bill by the local clerk.  Call the individual municipal clerk for clarification of any special assessment or charge not described on the tax bill (codes 10 or 14).

Why isn't there a Lottery Credit on my tax bill?  May I get the Credit anyway?  (Back to top)

Lottery Credit is a Wisconsin Department of Revenue program to give back some lottery and gaming profits to the state homeowners.  To qualify for any given year, the taxpayer must have owned and lived primarily in that home on January 1st of that year. Vacation or second homes do not qualify for Lottery and Gaming Credit if the primary home receives the credit. If the Lottery and Gaming Credit does not appear on a tax bill and the home qualifies for that year, the local treasurer is able to deduct the credit amount from your tax payment when paid before January 31st.  After that date, a refund request form, available on the State website may be sent to the Department of Revenue prior to October 1 of the year following that tax bill.  For future automatic credit to be given, a Lottery and Gaming Credit card must be signed and returned to the County Treasurer. To have a card mailed to you, call the County Treasurer’s Office at (920) 832-5065.

There are helpful links, including a link to the Lottery Credit Form on the Wisconsin Department of Revenue Resources tab, in the Treasurer's section of this website.

How do I get Homestead Credit?  (Back to top)

The Homestead Credit program is administered by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.  Any questions or to apply for the credit, go to the homestead credit site or call the local Department of Revenue office at (920) 832-2727.

Where is the County Treasurer’s office and what are the hours?  (Back to top)

Located two blocks east of Memorial Drive and four blocks south of College Avenue, our office is at 320 S. Walnut St. Appleton, WI 54911, which is the original County Courthouse now known as the County Administration Building.  Enter the building through the secure entrance and follow the signs to our office. Regular business hours are 8:00 - 4:30 Monday through Friday.


I would like to understand Wisconsin's Property Tax system better.  Do you have literature for me to read?

The UW Extension Local Government Center put together a comprehensive and easy to read summary overview of the property tax system in Wisconsin.  Read it here.