Register In Probate

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General Information

The Register in Probate is responsible for processing all paperwork associated with probate, guardianship/conservatorship and civil commitments. Commitment and guardianship records are confidential and not open to the public. Register in Probate are only the record keepers for commitment cases and do not instruct on those cases. The primary focus is serving the public in these areas by providing information, assisting with do-it-yourself probate, helping guardians understand what is expected of them, and managing cases so as to protect the interests of all parties concerned. The office is not allowed to provide legal advice on any cases.


Name Title  Phone Number 
 Susan J. Lutz

Register In Probate
Probate Registrar
Probate Court Commissioner

 (920) 832-5601
 Lisa Wilharms

 Deputy Register In Probate

 (920) 832-5601

 Barbara Hudson

 Deputy Register In Probate  (920) 832-5601

 Suzanne Sroda

 Probate Assistant  (920) 832-5601


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