All People's Trail

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atp-ribbon-cuttingMosquito Hill Nature Center consists of 430 acres of nature preserve along the Wolf River. The nature center currently maintains 5 miles of hiking trails that wind throughout the property which are utilized by thousands of people annually. However; due to the terrain of the land, only a small portion of the trail system is accessible to individuals who utilize wheel chairs, walkers, strollers or have difficulty walking on uneven terrain or long distances.

Mosquito Hill Nature Center in conjunction with the Friends of Mosquito Hill, Inc. has recently made a larger portion of the trail system and the interpretive building accessible to people of all ages and abilities. This latest project includes a .6 mile paved trail, an electric wheelchair available to those needing assistance accessing the trail and an electric door opener at the main entrance in the interpretive building.

A brick patio at the entrance to the All People's Trail includes personalized, engraved bricks. Purchase an engraved brick and show your support for the All People’s Trail; to give people with disabilities an accessible trail at Mosquito Hill Nature Center. To learn more about this exciting opportunity, please click here.

All People's Trail Brochure (pdf)

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