Summer Field Trip Programs

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A Summer of Fun and Learning for Youth
Are you looking for a fun and educational opportunity for your child care center, park & recreation program, summer school class, 4H club? The naturalists at Mosquito Hill Nature Center have designed a variety of outdoor educational programs that can be tailored to youth groups from ages 4 to 12.

Something for Seniors and other Adult Groups
Is your senior group looking for an enriching program? Do you work with individuals of various abilities who may have mobility challenges or who wish for a program with little or no walking? Call us for details on how to plan a naturalist-led program that is held indoors or on our back deck and which may or may not include a short walk.

Choose from the following programs:

Investigating Insects
What makes an insect an insect? We’ll explore various habitats in search of insects and discuss life cycles, behaviors, adaptations and their importance as pollinators, a food source for other animals.

Wetland Wonders
Participants will discover the wonderful world of wetlands as they learn how wetlands work and help people and wildlife. We will search for some of the animals (frogs, turtle & aquatic critters) that depend on wetlands for survival and learn why it is important to protect their fragile habitat.

Forest Finds
Take a hike to the top of Mosquito Hill. Learn how the plants and animals of the forest interact and form a web of life where one species depends on another for part of their survival. From decomposers to deer, all play a vital role in a healthy forest community.

Wisconsin Animals

From tiny insects to big deer, Wisconsin is home to a wide variety of animals. We’ll use animal skins, feathers, shells and other items to learn the different animals groups, then take a walk to see them in a natural setting.

Making Reservations
  • Each program lasts one hour
  • Cost is $3/person per program
  • Programs are scheduled on Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM
Our summer calendar can fill quickly. Many dates are reserved in February or March. After you select your program(s), we’ll e-mail you a confirmation letter and include information on packing a low-waste lunch, tips for proper dress and foot gear, and a mosquito update.

Other ways to enjoy MHNC on your own:

  • Visit our indoor exhibits. (30 minutes)
  • Enjoy a bag lunch. We’re sorry, open fires and grills are not permitted.
  • Stop in our gift shop.
  • Take a walk.
A favorite activity when visiting MHNC is taking a walk on our 3 miles of trails. Hike at your own pace and enjoy our prairie planting, featuring 130+ species of native Wisconsin flowers and grasses; woodland trails to the top of Mosquito Hill; and floating platforms on our oxbow pond.

The All Peoples Trail is a paved .6 mile trail that is ADA accessible. Other paths are grass, wood-chipped or gravel.

Summer Field Trip Programs Brochure