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Letter to Teachers

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Dear Teachers,

As part of our revised spring, fall and winter field trip programs at Mosquito Hill Nature Center we are placing a larger emphasis on reducing lunch waste during field trips. We have always emphasized recycling and composting during lunchtime; however, we feel that more can be done to further reduce lunchtime waste. We are hoping that your school will help us with this effort and possibly integrate low-waste lunch activities into your curriculum or every-day procedures.

We are encouraging all field trip participants to pack a low/no-waste lunch to bring with them to Mosquito Hill. In addition to separating recyclables during lunchtime your group will participate in some fun activities to teach the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling.

We have developed some resources to help with these tasks. Enclosed is a No-Waste Lunch fact sheet that can be reproduced and sent home with your students prior to your visit. Also enclosed are some activities that can be incorporated into your classroom before and/or after your visit. Perhaps you can persuade other teachers or administrators in your building to participate in these activities or your school might consider implementing a Waste-Free Lunch Day at your school.

Good Luck and thank you for participating in this new program.


Mosquito Hill Nature Center Staff
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