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Youth in Government Day

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Each year the American Legion Auxiliary Units in conjunction with the County Board of Supervisors and the Legislative Services Office plan and host a county “Youth in Government Day” Program.  The program is held in March.

Youth in Government Day is a program designed to provide high school students with firsthand knowledge of how county government plays an important role in their lives and provides an opportunity for students to actively engage in the legislative process.  The goal of the program is to develop an awareness of how the county functions and assist students in becoming well informed and active citizens in their communities.  

The program begins with the Presentation of Colors.  The “Colors” refer to the red, white and blue colors of our American Flag and the colors of an organization’s flag.  The Presentation of Colors is a ceremony that formally introduces to, and later retires these flags from an assembly of people.

Following the Presentation of Colors, each of the county’s elected officials will provide a 5-10 minute  overview of their job duties and the responsibilities of their departments.

The students participate in mock standing committee meetings.  Teachers and students are provided with their committee assignment and resolutions prior to the event.  This gives the students an opportunity to research issues addressed in the resolutions and hopefully help the students to feel comfortable participating in committee and board debate.  County Board Supervisors assist during both the mock standing committee meetings and County Board meeting.