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Related Agencies

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WI DNR (Department of Natural Resources) 1-888-936-7463

Bryan Woodbury  Wildlife Management  920-832-1804
VACANT  Forestry  

Natural Resource Conservation Services  920-733-1575

Ty Larson  Assistant State Conservationist  Ext. 107 
Lynn Szulczewski  Distrist Conservationist  Ext. 115 
Phil Meyer  Area Resource Soil Scientist  Ext. 118 
Joe Van Hulle Agricultural Engineer  Ext. 120 
Amy Moore Agricultural Engineer  Ext. 126 
Annette Humpal  Civil Engineer  Ext. 119 


Farm Services Agency  920-733-1575

Zak Werner Director  Ext. 104 


Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection

Drew Zelle  Engineering Specialist  920-858-1517
Travis Buckley Agricultural Engineer  920-843-3598


Outagamie County Drainage Board Members 

 Alvin Kramer Jr.  Chairman   920-841-9392
 Gregory Nettekoven  Director  920-470-7659
 Jason VanEperen  Director  920-475-7412
 Gerald Vanderheiden  Director   920-606-8058
 Mike VanAsten  Director  920-585-2482
 Nancy Christenson  Admin Services  920-740-9306