Access Controlled Highway Listing

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EFFECTIVE 3/23/1982 – Ord N-1981-82
* - EFFECTIVE 1992 – Ord #Z-4-92
** - EFFECTIVE 03/02/99 - Ord Z-43-98 / Ord B 2000-01
*** - EFFECTIVE 06/24/03 – Ord Z-16-03 

A From STH 125 to STH 47

A From STH 47 to STH 76

AA From STH 96 to CTH OO

C From Seymour to CTH E

CB ** From STH 15 to CTH BB

CE * From CTH Q to Brown County Line

E From USH 41 to STH 55

E From Mariah Drive to Brown County Line

EE * From CTH E to CTH S (south)

GV ** From CTH CB to STH 96

JJ From STH 15 to STH 55

N From USH 41 to CTH E

N From CTH KK to Combined Locks Village Limits

S * From STH 54 to STH 55

S * From McHugh Road to Brown County Line

The following highways form the boundary with other counties, so this ordinance would apply only to those areas within Outagamie County.

BB From Appleton City Limits to STH 76 

D From New London to USH 10

KK From Appleton City Limits to CTH GG

Access control has been purchased for the following county highways. Thus, this ordinance does not apply to those highways listed below.

CE From Marcella Street to CTH Q

OO From USH 41 west of Appleton to USH 41 east of Kaukauna, excluding incorporated areas.

CA Appleton to Airport