Permit Information

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To keep county highways safe and efficient, the county controls their use. This includes various work within highway right-of-ways, as well as restrictions on the placement of signs along highways.

Permits are required when performing work within the County Trunk Highway right-of-ways. County Trunk Highways are designated with a letter (example: CTH "A", CTH "AA", CTH "B", etc.)

Click on the following links to obtain a printable copy of the application form.  Please complete the appropriate form and mail to 1313 Holland Road, Appleton, WI 54911, along with the appropriate application fee.

Please keep in mind that the fees are application fees, and are not refundable.

Utility Work Ahead SignCurrent Utility Permit Application Form Jan 2018

 Utility Setback Code 54-350 & 351

 Utility Setback Ordinance Sept 12, 1950


Driveways & Other Misc Work in Right of Ways 

Oversize Load SignOversize / Overweight Loads


State Highway Permit Information (Numbered Highways: 15, 41, 47, 76, 96, etc.)