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Intersection Crash List

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Outagamie County Highway Department annually reviews highway crash data. The Department then compiles a short list of intersections that have the largest potential for crash issues. The Department uses the list as one tool to help prioritize highway improvement projects.

The current listing uses crash data available for the 5 years between 2010 through 2014. To make the list, an intersection must meet one or more of the following:
• An average of 5 or more crashes per year for 5 years
• An average of 2 or more injury crashes per year for 5 years
• 1 or more fatality crashes with an average of at least 1 crash per year for 5 years
• An intersection crash rate over 1.5 crashes per 1 million vehicles entering the intersection
• An injury severity rate over 2.5

Many more intersections were identified during the review that did not make this list. The Department continues to monitor these locations.

Intersections at highway interchanges with US 41 and Hwy 441 are not included on this list. Interchange ramps are under the jurisdiction of the Wisconsin DOT. Also, intersections that were recently reconstructed were removed from this list. Two examples are Highway 15 & County CB, and Highway 55 & County CE.
Note all crash values and crash rates are approximate based on available data and are subject to change with further analysis.

2015 Intersection Crash List

2015 Intersection Crash Map