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County CA - County CB to Casaloma Drive

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Updated - 7/2/2020


The highway will be reconstructed as a 4-lane divided urban highway with curb & gutter on both the median shoulder and outside shoulder.  Multi-lane Roundabouts are planned at the intersections of Mayflower Drive and McCarthy Road to improve operations and safety. A multi-use trail will be constructed on the north side of the highway and pedestrian crossings are planned at the roundabouts.

     Date: Monday, June 1, 2020 to September 2020

     Place: County CA from County CB to Casaloma Dr. in the Towns of Grand Chute and Greenville.

     Detour: Portions of the highway will be closed during construction. The signed detour route will be I-41, WIS                      96, and County CB.


Dates Covered:  June 29 -July 10

Project ID:  4657-25-03

Project Name:  CTH CA, CTH CB – Casaloma Drive

Schedule:  80 Working Days (Anticipated Completion: October 15, 2020)

Project Cost:  $9,396,541

Location/terminals:  Outagamie County, T of Grand Chute & Greenville, CTH CA from CTH CB to Casaloma Drive.

Description of overall work:  Full reconstruction of CTH CA from CTH CB to Casaloma Drive. Construct a Round-a-bout at the intersection of CTH CA and McCarthy Road along with CTH CA and Mayflower Road. Communication Drive and CTH CA intersection will be a slotted left turn lane intersection with stop control on Communication Drive. Construct a 10-foot multi-use path from CTH CB to Mall Drive along the westbound lanes of CTH CA. A 5-foot sidewalk will be constructed along the eastbound lanes from Mayflower Road to Casaloma Drive. Work will consist of new breaker run, base aggregate with 8 to 8.5-inches of concrete pavement with asphalt transitions on the tie in points of the project. The roadway section will include concrete curb and gutter and storm sewer throughout the project limits. Two underground detention systems will be install along Eastbound CTH between McCarthy and Mayflower. One being 500 feet of 84-inch pipe and one being 160 feet of 60-inch pipe.

This week’s work: Grading crews will be working on excavating and backfilling with breaker and 1 ¼ inch base aggregate between Mayflower and McCarthy Road. One grading crew will work on the pond in the NE corner of McCarthy and install the rip rap at the cross-pipe outfall on the north leg of McCarthy. Storm sewer crews are working on installations by Mayflower and west toward Communication Dr. One crew will also be working on finishing up the storm sewer for the pond in the NE corner of McCarthy and the storm sewer along the south leg of McCarthy. Concrete paving on the outside lane and curb and gutter along WB CTH CA from Casaloma will be taking place. A Crew is expected to backfill the EB curb and gutter between McCarthy and Casaloma and grade and prep for sidewalk as they go. Casaloma and CTH CA signals are expected to be completed this week.

Next week’s work: Concrete paving expected to take place on the inside lanes of CTH CA from Casaloma to McCarthy. Concrete handwork is expected at the McCarthy round-a-bout mid-week. Sidewalk from Casaloma to McCarthy along the south side of CTH CA is schedule to be prepped and paved. Storm sewer crews will continue to work to the west from Mayflower to CTH CB. Grading crews will follow behind the storm sewer excavating and backfilling with breaker and base aggregate. The trail from Mall Dr. to Casaloma is expected to be graded and prepped for asphalt. Asphalt is expected late in the week on the trail. A crew may be in to work on the island noses and median sidewalk at the Mall Dr. and Casaloma intersections.

Traffic impacts:  CTH CA is closed from Casaloma Drive to CTH CB. There is no access to CTH CA along any side street between Casaloma Drive and CTH CB. Lane restrictions on Casaloma Drive and CTH CA East of Casaloma are in place due to CTH CA closure. CTH CA detour utilizes I-41 to WIS 96 to CTH CB to bypass the project site.

Special information of interest needed by the public concerning this project:  McCarthy Road is open to access Businesses on the south side of CTH CA. There is no access to CTH CA from McCarthy Road.

Name of person providing Weekly Construction updates AND photographs of project bi-monthly once the project begins
  Marc Roesler
Phone #:  920-362-1632

Right of Way Plat - Recorded Nov 2018

Business Pre-Construction Preparation Tips -

 CTH CA PIM Handout 20171012

Plan 60% 2018 08 24

 Public Informational Meeting - 10/24/18

Business Resource - In This Together:

 Project Video by Highway Commissioner Dean Steingraber on 12/28/17.

  • October 12, 2017
  • 4:00 pm to 6 pm 
  • Grand Chute Town Hall
  • 1900 W. Grand Chute Blvd 


Handout and Questionnaire

Project Location Map 

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Roadway Typical Section

Communication Drive Open Median 

Communication Dr Closed Median

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Survey Notice - 01/31/2017

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