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Highway Plans and Right of Way Plats

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Additional Plans added 1/29/13

Public right-of-way could be land held as an easement or fee title that encompasses the roadway and land adjacent to the roadway.  Please refer to the appropriate highway right of way plat below, as the widths vary greatly.  Many utilities are also located within this area. 

Wisconsin Statute 86.07(2) requires a permit for any work done within the right of way.  Also, please refer to Outagamie County Setback Ordinance Sec. 54-351(g) Telephone, television, natural gas and power transmission lines for more information.

These plans and plats are for projects that have been completed.  Please call the Highway Office at 920/832-5673 for plans or information on current or future projects.

You may also find information on county highways in the "TOWN ROAD RECORDS" area.

County Highway



















































Garage Plans

Hortonville Garage Plans

Seymour Garage Building Plans 1-18-2000(a)

Seymour Garage Building Plans 1-18-2000(b)

Seymour Garage Building Plans 1-18-2000(c)