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NOAHH (Neighbors offering a Helping Hand)

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The mission of NOAHH is to improve the quality of life for children and families who are involved with the Department of Health and Human Services through community partners.

NOAHH is a partnership between community members and Outagamie County Department of Health and Human Services to assist DHHS clients meet their unmet needs.

A variety of organizations can partner with the NOAHH PROGRAM

Businesses, civic groups, faith communities, or individuals can help in many ways. Donations of clothes, household items, services and financial support go a long way toward improving the quality of life for many families. This is a positive way to build camaraderie while working together to help others.

Organizations may participate at any level of commitment. There is not a minimum requirement for volunteer hours or donations. When there is a need the NOAHH coordinator contacts the partner who will spread the word throughout their membership and collect donations. While not all requests can be filled with new items, partner members may have gently used items in their own homes that are exactly what the child/family needs. For example, the worker discovers that the children do not have beds and are sleeping on the floor. A quick request to the NOAHH Partner often turns up a set of bunk beds or a crib.

Thank you letters and success stories are shared with NOAHH partners. Because the worker has direct access to those in need, the organization gets information that the donations are making an impact on the lives of the children and their families. This is truly a way for organizations to fulfill their mission to serve others in their own community.

There are potentially 5 major initiatives to help needy children and their families each year. Partners may participate in any or all of these programs. No minimum obligation is required. The initiatives are:

Holiday Giving—Families receive gifts or holiday meals through NOAHH friends and partners.

Birthday Salutes—Children receive special cards and gift certificates for their birthday.

Self Esteem Enhancement—Scholarships for summer camp, lessons in music, art, drama, dance, and sports are available to children who show interest in these areas. This program is designed to bolster children’s self esteem by encouraging their talents and interests.

Special Needs—Includes donations of furniture, bunk beds, cribs, diapers, etc. It may also include special services, i.e., home repair, moving, carpentry, etc. or emergency funds for rent, utilities, gas, etc.

Memory Book—Donations of cameras and photo albums to help children who reside in foster care begin to establish permanent records of their life in a “Life Book.”

If you are interested in this volunteer opportunity or would like more information, please contact:

Volunteer Services
Outagamie County
Department of Human Services
(920) 832-5515