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    Clients of Outagamie County Department of Health and Human Services are referred by staff members.
    • A Volunteer Companion establishes a relationship with an older or disabled adult through social and recreational activities. The volunteer can visit with the companion in their home or take them shopping, out to lunch, walks, do errands or any other activity that the companion would enjoy.
    • Contact and visit with companion on a regular basis. This is preferably on a weekly basis. 
    • Work towards the development of a friendship with companion. 
    • Notify Volunteer Services and the social worker assigned to the case in the event of any problems concerning the companion. 
    • If transporting a client for any reason, transport in a safe and lawful manner. This includes the use of seat belts for each passenger and an automobile in safe and lawful condition. 
    • Respect confidentiality. 
    • Complete quarterly reports.
    Volunteers are eligible to be reimbursed at the current county rate for all mileage driven to complete duties for the client. Meters or parking lot expenses can be reimbursed along with mileage, if this is a necessary part of the assignment. Mileage reimbursement forms are completed and submitted to Volunteer Services quarterly. Reimbursement is made directly to the volunteer.
    • Interest in working with clients of Health & Human Services. 
    •  Have the ability to work cooperatively with staff and other community agencies involved with the client. 
    • Possess personal stability, sound judgment and reasoning skills. 
    •  Be in a position to make a commitment as a companion for a minimum of one year. 
    •  Friendly, patient and understanding.

You and our staff will be partners in providing services that otherwise could not be provided.

If you are interested in this volunteer opportunity or would like more information, please contact:

Volunteer Services
Outagamie County
Department of Human Services
(920) 832-5515