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Temporary Food Stands

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When is a temporary restaurant license required?

Outagamie County Public Health Division issues temporary restaurant licenses to businesses or organizations that prepare, serve, or sell food to the public during events, celebrations, or sales promotions. Organizations such as youth groups, churches, and service clubs (non-profit) that prepare, serve or sell food to the public 4 days or more during a 12 month period in Outagamie County (excluding the City of Appleton) need to obtain a Temporary Restaurant permit.

The Temporary Restaurant Permit allows businesses or above listed organizations to prepare, serve or sell food at events, celebrations or sales promotions within Outagamie County (excluding the City of Appleton). Food service or sales is limited to 14 days for each event, celebration or sales promotion. However, the business or above listed organizations can participate in multiple events or celebrations throughout Outagamie County (excluding the City of Appleton) during that 12 month period. The Temporary Restaurant permit expires annually on June 30.

Temporary Restaurant License 2020-2021 application

Temporary Food Stands: Key Points brochure

Do you need a temporary restaurant license?

There are organizations such as youth groups, churches, and services clubs (non-profit) who may occasionally (defined as no more than 3 days during any 12-month period) prepare, serve or sell food to the public. If you are organization listed above and planning to serve food for 3 days or less in Outagamie County (excluding the City of Appleton) you do not need a permit.

Although a permit is not required, Outagamie County Public Health Division encourages organizers to follow the safe food handling practices as described in the Temporary Food Stands: Key Points brochure.


Outagamie County Public Health Division:
phone: (920)832-5100


A tent or a roof with sidewalls can be helpful to prevent against inclement weather. Floors should be made of concrete, asphalt or plywood.

A handwashing station must be available at the food stand and shall include: water container with a non-self closing spigot, soap, paper towels and discard bucket to collect wastewater  


A non-self closing spigot is a valve that will remain open. This will allow both hands to be available for handwashing and in turn provide effective cleaning.


An insulated cooler, with plenty of ice, will help maintain cold food at a temperature of 41°F or less. Ensure ice is completely surrounding the food.


Cook foods rapidly and follow the required cooking temperatures.
135°F - precooked foods
155°F - ground meats


Electrical hot holding equipment must be
present to maintain hot temperatures of 135°F or above.

  Stem Thermomter


A metal stem thermometer (with a range of 0°F - 220°F) must be present at the food stand to monitor temperatures.


Use gloves to prevent direct contact with ready-to-eat foods (buns/chips). Cooks handling raw meat are not required to wear gloves, but must wash hands to prevent


Keep all foods, including condiments, covered to provide protection from insects and dust.


 To properly protect condiments, cut a small section
of the cover.


Provide a sanitizing solution
(1 tbsp. of bleach in one gallon of water) to help clean surfaces.


When necessary, if serving food for two or more consecutive days, on-site dishwashing must be present. Wash in warm soap water, rinse in clear water, sanitize (1 tablespoon of bleach in 1 gallon of water)