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Environmental Health

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Environmental Health consists of regulation and licensing along with environmental and public health issues that can impact health.  Outagamie County Public Health Division is responsible for licensing food service establishments, public swimming pools, mobile home parks, bed and breakfasts, hotels and motels, school food service programs, recreational/educational camps, tattoo and body piercing establishments, and food vending machine operations.

In addition, Public Health Environmental Health Sanitarians also investigates nuisance complaints, housing complaints, lead based paint hazards, and other environmental hazards.

Restaurant & retail food inspections reports are now online

Outagamie County Public Health Division (OCPHD) is pleased to provide you access to food establishment inspection reports. Inspections are important in ensuring compliance with the requirements of the Wisconsin Food Code (view DATCP Fact Sheets). Working in partnership with Outagamie County food establishments, OCPHD provides education, training and regulation to promote safe food handling practices and minimize food-borne illnesses. The inspection reports are provided to give you easy access to information about establishments from the perspective of safe food handling.

Please note that inspection reports represent a snapshot of the facility at the time the inspector was present. The inspection report may not reflect the current conditions of the establishment. Additionally, food establishments are required to correct all priority violations at the time of inspection since such violations may present a food safety risk to the public

VIEW Inspection Reports

Click here to view online inspection reports of food establishments outside of Outagamie County.