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Emergency Preparedness

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Outagamie County Public Health is the lead division within Outagamie County for public health related emergencies.  Public Health supports all other agencies when an emergency is not strictly related to public health responses. Examples of public health emergencies include pandemics, epidemics, bio-terrorism and any unusual event that affects the health of a large segment of the Outagamie County population.

The Public Health Emergency Preparedness section is charged with updating and evaluating the division's public health emergency plan and providing liaison between Outagamie County Public Health and government agencies at the local, state and federal level, as well as between the division and the residents of Outagamie County.


2019 Outagamie County Public Cooling Site Locations


Outagamie County Emergency Management  
Flooding Resources 

     Wisconsin Flood Toolkit

     Cleaning and Sanitizing With Bleach After an Emergency

     Cleaning Up Your Residence After a Flood

     Get Rid of Mold (Spanish)

     Mold in Your Home: Cleaning Options

     Recommendations for Private Wells Inundated by Flooding      

Drinking Water Resources 
     Bacteriological Contamination of Drinking Water Wells

     Well Chlorination in Arsenic Sensitive Areas 

Power Outage Resources 

     Food Safety in Food Establishments During Power Outages

     Food and Water Safety During Power Outages, and Floods (Spanish)

     Portable Generator Hazards

     Portable Generator Safety

     Carbon Monoxide Safety

Winter Weather Resources 

     Fact Sheet: Preventing and Thawing Pipes 

     Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS): Winter Weather Health and Safety Tips

     Wisconsin Emergency Management, "Ready Wisconsin": Surviving Winter

     American Red Cross: Winter Weather

     Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): Winter Weather

     Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program Website

Additional Public Health Resources 
     Tetanus (Hmong) (Spanish

Ready Wisconsin | Wisconsin's Flu Resource |

Wisconsin Emergency Management | Wisconsin Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program


Ready.govListo.govCDC Emergency Preparedness and Response | Public Health Emergency Support | Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) 




 Ready WI


DHSWorld Health OrganizationCDCEM Preparedness