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Child Death Review

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Mission Statement
Through a comprehensive and multidisciplinary review of child deaths and all domestic abuse related deaths, we will better understand how and why these deaths occur and use our findings to take action to prevent other deaths and improve the health and safety of our community.

Media Toolkit

The Objectives of the Death Review Team
1) Accurate identification and uniform reporting of the cause, manner and relevant circumstances of every child death and all domestic abuse deaths with special emphasize on prevention.

2) Enhanced communication and coordination of agency responses to child deaths and domestic abuse related deaths in the investigation and delivery of services.

3) Design and implementation of cooperative, standardized guidelines for the investigation of certain categories of child deaths and all domestic abuse related deaths.

4) Identification of changes needed in legislation, policy and practices, to expand efforts in health and safety that prevent child deaths and domestic abuse deaths by increasing public awareness and advocacy for the issues.

Death Review Guiding Principles
The death of a child or a domestic abuse related death should invoke a community response. The circumstances involved in these deaths are multidimensional with many factors, and responsibility should not rest in any one place. A death review should focus on prevention and should lead to effective recommendations and actions to prevent future deaths.

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