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Communicable Disease

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Communicable diseases are infectious diseases that are spread from person to person (for example E. coli, Salmonella, or chickenpox) or from animals to people (for example rabies or H1N1).

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*The Public Health Division assures the availability of sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing and treatment. Outagamie County residents may receive STI testing and counseling at Planned Parenthood, with fees based on a sliding scale. Please call (920) 832-5100 for more information. 


There are currently over 81 communicable diseases that are required to be reported to the local Public Health agency (WI Statute Ch. 252 - Communicable Diseases). Once a communicable disease is reported, Public Health is required to investigate the circumstances and take all measures necessary to prevent, stop, and control the spread of disease. When we receive a communicable disease report, Public Health staff conduct follow-up activities, which might include interviewing contacts, education, follow-up with treatment, working with other health care providers and schools, and other interventions to prevent further transmission.