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Learn about becoming a guardian

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Guardianship in Outagamie County

    To initiate a guardianship in Outagamie County, the individual seeking guardianship may commence the process by consulting with the appropriate department within the Outagamie County Department of Health and Human Services (Aging and Disability Resource Center, etc.) to determine if the individual for which guardianship is sought meets the eligibility criteria for services being provided by the County. In the alternative, the individual seeking guardianship may consult with a private attorney for the purpose of exploring and commencing guardianship. 

        Individuals who are considering becoming a court appointed guardian in Outagamie County will be required to review an online Guardianship Tutorial. This tutorial may also be very useful for existing guardians. This tutorial was designed for the purpose of assisting both new and existing guardians in Outagamie County to better understand their duties in serving as guardian of person and/or guardian of estate, and the expectations and guidelines of the Outagamie County Circuit Court for individuals serving in this important role. As part of the entire court process in becoming an appointed guardian, prospective guardians will need to complete and sign an Acknowledgment Regarding Guardianship Tutorial. Links for both the tutorial and the acknowledgment form are as follows: 

        1. Guardianship Tutorial 

        2. Acknowledgment Regarding Guardianship Tutorial

        3. Training Flyer

        4. Court Rules

        5. Medicaid 101 for Guardians