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What We Do

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Information and Assistance/Referral/Follow-Up
The ADRC provides information and assistance/referral to the general public about services, resources and programs in areas such as: disability, long-term care, housing, physical and behavioral health, wellness, employment and training for persons with disabilities, transportation, home care and maintenance, caregiver education and support, nutrition (meals), publicly funded programs, etc. ADRC staff link consumers to services, resources and programs and will provide follow up to consumers in need. Consumers may call the ADRC about a wide variety of topics from hospice services, legal issues, Alzheimer's care, employment assistance, education, etc.

Options Counseling
The ADRC offers unbiased consultation and advice about available service and resource options. Consultation may include what to consider when making long-term care decisions. The ADRC responds to federal regulation whereby nursing homes are required to make a referral to the ADRC giving nursing home residents the opportunity to talk to ADRC staff about returning to the community. Options counseling is an objective, decision-support process assisting consumers in evaluating and weighing individual long-term care options, help plan on how consumer needs may be met and how to best spend personal resources.

Enrollment Counseling
The ADRC assists consumers who are found eligible for publicly funded long-term care to select a benefit option: Family Care, Family Care Partnership, IRIS (Include, Respect, I Self-Direct federal alternative to managed care) and the Wisconsin Medicaid ForwardHealth card. During enrollment counseling, ADRC staff educate eligible consumers about their long-term care options. Through this process, the consumer decides what long-term care option is best for them.

Benefits Counseling
The ADRC provides accurate and current information on private and public benefits. This includes assisting consumers who have benefit questions or need help with applying for disability income,
FoodShare Wisconsin, BadgerCare Plus, Medical Assistance, Wisconsin SeniorCare Prescription Drug Benefit, Medicare, Social Security, etc. ADRC Benefit Specialists help to sort through the maze of benefits, varying eligibility requirements and application processes. Benefit Specialists help consumers when they run into problems or issues with Medicare, Social Security and other benefits. The ADRC staffs an Elder Benefit Specialist serving county residents 60 years and older and Disability Benefit Specialists serving disabled consumers 18 to 59 years.

Short-Term Case Management
The ADRC provides assistance in identifying consumer needs and links consumers to community resources. This may include aiding consumers in choosing a home care service provider, making the referral to the home care agency for consumers and overseeing coordination on a short-term basis (not more than 90 days) to insure that consumer needs are met. Upon request, the ADRC completes protective placement studies and petitions the court for consumers in need of a guardianship.

Health and Wellness
The goal of the ADRC is to help adults remain as independent as possible as long as possible. The ADRC offers numerous health and wellness programs and engages in effective prevention efforts to help keep consumers healthy and independent. In collaboration with public and private sector partners, the ADRC offers both information and evidence-based programming that reduces the risk of disabilities. For more information, visit

The ADRC performs a vital advocacy role and works toward empowering consumers to become knowledgeable, make informed choices, retain good health and achieve quality of life while maintaining dignity and independence.