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I have questions concerning a failing family member. Call the ADRC to learn about community resources and benefit options. ADRC staff will listen and help you in caring for your loved one.

Do you have information on affordable housing? The ADRC has a current listing of available housing options. ADRC staff will provide unbiased assistance to help you in making an informed, cost-effective decision on what is best for you.

I need help with household tasks and home repairs. The ADRC offers resource information on home assistance and maintenance service options.

I have questions about the Medicare Part D Prescription Drug benefit and do not know which drug plan to enroll in. The ADRC provides benefit counseling on Medicare Part D prescription drug and Medicare Advantage Plan coverage. Call the ADRC and make an appointment with a Benefit Specialist.

I need help in caring for my spouse who has Alzheimer’s Disease. Call the ADRC to learn about local resources and support groups available to caregivers who are caring for their loved one with Alzheimer's Disease and other related dementia.

I am not able to grocery shop or prepare my meals. Call the ADRC to learn more about the Elderly Nutrition Program, area meal service providers and other community resources for grocery shopping and meal preparation.

I’m concerned about my neighbor. She hasn’t been taking care of herself lately. Call the ADRC to discuss the situation. The ADRC may refer the consumer to Crisis if the neighbor is at risk for physical or material abuse, neglect or self-neglect.

I am concerned about a family member who seems to be getting weaker and I am afraid might fall. Call the ADRC and learn about the different health and wellness programming that include strength and balance classes, fall prevention classes, walking classes, disease self-management, CarFit and more.

I would like to report elder abuse and do not know where to call. Call the ADRC, Crisis (920-832-4646; 800-719-4418 toll free; TTY 7-1-1), or 9-1-1 if an emergency.

I was approved for Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) but have to wait for Medicare to start. What can I do for medical coverage in the meantime? Call the ADRC and speak to a Benefit Specialist. There are programs that may help you until your Medicare coverage begins.

My mother resides in an assisted living facility and is running out of money. What can she do? Call the ADRC and ask about publicly funded long-term care eligibility and options (i.e., Family Care, Family Care Partnership, IRIS and the Wisconsin ForwardHealth card).

I am hospitalized and cannot return home without help. Where can I find help and how will the help I need get paid for? Call the ADRC and speak to an Information and Assistance Specialist to discuss in-home care options and payment.

I question my mother's mental capacity to make her own decisions and she does not have a valid Power of Attorney for Healthcare. What should I do? Call the ADRC and ask how you can become a guardian of the person. A guardian of the person is appointed by a probate court pursuant to Chapter 54 of the Wisconsin Statutes to make decisions for another adult who the court has determined is incompetent.

I enrolled in Family Care and would like to change to Family Care Partnership managed long-term care. What should I do? Call the ADRC and speak to an Information and Assistance Specialist to discuss and review your long-term care options, assist in disenrolling you from Family Care and enrolling you in Family Care Partnership if that is your choice.

I am an IRIS member and have questions about the roles of my IRIS Independent Consultant and IRIS Fiscal Agent. Who should I contact? Call the IRIS (Include, Respect, I Self-Direct) Call Center 888-515-4747 or visit