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Agricultural-Use Conversion

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A Use-Value conversion charge is assessed to a land owner who converts their lands’ use from agricultural to any other use excepting undeveloped, agricultural forest, productive forest or other. The State law benefits farmers by keeping agricultural land assessed as if no development will occur, but the State law also imposes a conversion charge on the owner once the land use changes.


Rates for 2018 charged in 2019:

 More than 30 Acres:  30 Acres or less but more than 10 Acres:  Less than 10 Acres:
 $375 $562  $750 


For those who would like to estimate the conversion charge, please see below for some examples:

52.36 acres x $375 = $19,635.00

18 acres x $562 = $10,116.00

2.82 acres x $750 = $2,115.00


You can now pay your conversion charge online by clicking the link below! If you need help navigating our new site please follow the instructions to help you through.

If you do not wish to pay online you can call in and pay over the phone, stop into our office, or mail in your payment.

If you have any questions regarding your conversion charge, please contact Rochelle Oskey at 920-832-5066.