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Children's Farm

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Children's Farm

Plamann Park Children's Farm was established in 1989 to bring a farm setting to people of Outagamie County. 

Wisconsin is known as the Dairy State but there are many that don't have access to farms or the animals that reside there. 

The Children's Farm at Plamann Park has been a free attraction for the general public that features both fun and educational learning. This farm is unique in the sense that most of these animals are young, from calves and kid goats to piglets and little lambs. Each year over 10,000 children and adults have a chance to see farm animals up close.




The Children's Farm is a wonderful place to bring kids of all ages as there is, of course, animals, a bird trail and cow path as well as a great playground and swing set area with an accessible path to each. 

The Cow Path was an eagle scout project that turned into a staple at Plamann Park. This path is 1,745 feet long and is actually shaped like a cow!  

All animals can be petted by visitors from outside the pen area. Many of the animals are on special diets by their owners so we ask that you refrain from feeding any of the animals. Goats

The farm opens for the summer season on May 22nd, 2020. Daily hours of operation are 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (Weather Permitting)

Every May we receive animals on loan from area farmers and when they return in September they are much bigger, healthy and definitely spoiled! All of the animals are cared for by trained staff each and every day.

The the past 30 years the Children's Farm has been managed with donations to keep the animals at the farm and food in their little bellies as well as wonderful veterinary care. Over the years farming has changed and many farms have disappeared. It has been increasingly difficult to find farms willing to donate young animals for the summer and equally as difficult to find places that are willing to donate feed, bales of straw or hay for all the animals. 

SheepOur Goal is to have a list of willing farmers that would be able to loan their young farm animals to the Children's Farm at Plamann Park from the end of May to the beginning of September. We are also looking for farmers that are willing to donate small hay or straw bales. We need about 50 bales of each for the entire summer but any donation is welcome!

Since this is a free attraction, we rely on monetary donations to keep the animals fed. It costs about $1,000.00 a season to pay for the feed for all these animals. 

We have a kiosk by the barn for all patrons to look at as they pass. This display features all animals borrowed and their owners. It also lists all persons, groups and companies that donate feed, straw or hay each season. 

If you, or anyone you know are willing to help, please contact the Plamann Park Farm Coordinator, Greg Roblee

We truly appreciate all patrons that stop out each summer, the farmers willing to donate their animals to us for the summer, and all people, groups and companies able to help with donations.