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The 17 acre site is fenced in for the purpose of exercising your dog without the use of a leash. 

  • Dogs must have all their shots
  • Dogs must be registered
  • Dogs cannot be aggressive
  • Dogs must be under voice control of their owners
  • Do Not bring in any people food
  • Always pick up after your dog and deposit in the dumpster in the south parking area
  • Additional Rules - Please click rules for a list of Dog Park rules.


    • Remind others to pick up after their dogs.
    • Share water with other dogs when possible.
    • Control children at all times for their own protection.

Dog Park Hours and Location

Hours:  7:00 AM to DUSK

Location: 2830 French Rd., Appleton,  WI 54911


There is a 50 space parking lot with a portable restroom (summer months only). Bags are available for those who may have forgotten their bags however we encourage you to bring your own. Water is not available on site, please bring water for your dog.

Development of the dog park was to establish an area to socialize your pet off leash in a safe and secure environment.

Fenced Areas

North Park is a five acre open field area for playing ball or frisbee with your dog.

South Park is a partially wooded 12 acre area with tall grasses and walking trails.

Small Dog Park is a small fenced in area for dogs under 17" tall.

Small dogs are allowed in all three areas; larger dogs are only allowed in the North and South Parks.

Dog Park Master Plan Process 


The Outagamie County Dog Park operates solely through donations. If you would like to support the dog park please put your donation in the donation tube located at the entrance to the South Park or send a check to Friends of Outagamie County Park, P.O. Box 421, Appleton, WI  54912.                                                                                                  


Friends of the Dog Park

Friends of the Outagamie County Dog Park are volunteers dedicated to raise money and provide improvement of the dog park.  Please contact the Outagamie County Parks Department to learn how you can make a difference! 

**If you would like to donate to the Outagamie County Dog Park, please go to the Friends of the Outagamie County Dog Park Facebook Page and scan the QR code on that page. Any donations made to the Outagamie County Dog Park go directly back into that dog park. **