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Employee FML Time Reporting

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If you are an employee of Outagamie County and you are currently on a requested or approved continuous (block of time), Intermittent or Reduced Schedule leave you will need to enter your time using your time entry method, Tyler or Kronos.  You will use the FMLA codes that correspond to the appropriate leave balances you would like to use, for example FMLA Sick, FMLA Vacation, etc.

* Intermittent Only Time- If you are reporting time for an Intermittent leave, you will have a two part process.  In addition to reporting your time in Tyler or Kronos, you are required to report your time to Human Resources using the form below.  The time reported in Tyler or Kronos and this form should match. 

Please submit your Intermittent time used within 2 days of the end of a payroll cycle in which you used Intermittent leave.  You may also submit your Intermittent time daily if you prefer.  If you forget to enter your time, please do so as soon as possible. 

All fields are required, you will need to fill in both hours and minutes.  For example, if you take 30 minutes, you will need to enter "0" in the hours or if you take 3 hours, you will need to enter ".00" in the minutes.

Please correct the field(s) marked in red below:

Employee First Name
Employee Last Name
Date Intermittent FML used
Amount of time used- Hours
Amount of time used- Minutes
Who is the leave for?
Reason for Absence 

I confirm that these absences were due to the condition for which my leave has been applied for or approved for.  I understand that reporting an absence via this method does not guarantee protection under the Leave Request.


I confirm that in addition to this form, I have reported my absences using my time reporting method, Tyler or Kronos.


For FMLA Leaves: I understand if an employee reports an absence as FMLA when the absence was due to a reason other than the reason applied or approved for, then it becomes a violation of the federal law that governs FMLA and could subject an employee to disciplinary action up to and including termination.


*Note: this reporting method does not prevent an user from reporting more time than may be available for protection under this leave request. 


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