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Permit Information

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To keep county highways safe and efficient, the county controls their use. This includes various work within highway right-of-ways, as well as restrictions on the placement of signs along highways.
Permits are required when performing work within the County Trunk Highway right-of-ways. County Trunk Highways are designated with a letter (example: CTH "A", CTH "AA", CTH "B", etc.)

Outagamie County is transitioning to an online permitting system.  This is being used for all County departments, including Highway, Land Conservation, Planning and Zoning.  the system will allow users to submit applications, pay online and be kept up to date on where the permit is in the process.

All permit applications will be submitted on line.  All users will need to create an account before applying for a permit. 

For access to the Cityview Portal, click below:  


     City View Web Portal 

Applications will be processed upon submission of all required information including payment.  Please note that payments made through this portal will be assessed a convenience fee based on the total amount due. 

If you need help creating an account or completing an application during our normal business hours, please call 920-832-5673.  You may submit questions by email anytime to


Additional information for each type of permit can be found at each link below:

Utility Work Ahead SignUtility Permits

  • Includes all permitting of public or private utilities to be installed or relocated within the highway right of way

               Driveway and Street Access Permits

  • Includes application to add a new access or move an existing access

    Miscellaneous Work in the Right-of-Way Permits

  • Includes items such as replacing or extending culverts under existing driveways, paving an existing driveway, ditching and grading in the right-of-way.

    Construction Permits

    Special Events in right-of-way Permits

  • Includes request to have a parade, run/walk/bike event, or other activity within the highway right-of-way

Oversize Load Sign
     Moving oversized/overweight loads

  • For all oversized and overweight loads traveling County highways

     Implements of husbandry permits

  • For IoH and AgCMV vehicles that require a permit to travel along County highways 


Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) arrows logo

MUTCD Information 

State Highway Permit Information (Numbered Highways: 15, 41, 47, 76, 96, etc.)