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Benefits of Mentoring

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Benefits for Youth

Our mentoring program offers mentees the opportunity to do and see things they normally would not be able to experience.  Mentees feel valued and important, thus increasing their confidence and self worth.  They are able to identify their own strengths by having a mentor help them to see and discover those strengths. Mentoring gives mentees the opportunity to see a different way of life, opening up their eyes to the possibilities their future could hold.  Mentees gain a friend, someone they can talk to, someone they can trust, and someone who will be there for them when others are not. 


Benefits for Mentors

Mentoring provides a unique opportunity to “pay it forward”.  Mentoring is a chance to share hobbies, activities, and the values and qualities that make you someone who matters. Many mentors say that they are surprised and grateful for the experience because it is more rewarding than they imagined.  They wanted to mentor to help someone else, but it has actually enhanced their life as well.  Mentors say they have learned a lot about themselves, and see an improvement in their self-esteem, confidence, communication skills, and in the  satisfaction with their own life. 


Being a mentor gives you a chance to step out of your comfort zone and gain a deeper understanding of different cultures, different generations and even of the community we live in.  Mentors say the experience helps keep them feeling young and in touch with the younger generation.  


Our program offers training and support to help mentors succeed at mentoring.  We also offer the opportunity for mentors to attend group outings with their mentee, giving them a chance to meet and talk with other mentors.


Why are mentoring programs important?

Many youth do not have an adult role model in their lives. Youth who have mentors are more likely to do better in school and have aspirations and goals for their future.  They are more likely to make responsible decisions and avoid criminal activities and instead become productive and engaged members of our community.  Mentoring programs have been shown to reduce juvenile crime.  The more positive role models and dependable adults a youth has in their life, the more likely they will develop positive behaviors, strong relationships, values, skills and beliefs that promote healthy development into adulthood.