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Why Mentor?

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Mentoring is an effective way to prevent at-risk youth from becoming involved in delinquency and also to help already delinquent youth change their lives for the better.  Mentoring relationships have been shown to improve youth's self-esteem, behavior, and academic performance. 


Statistics Show Mentoring Works!

Outagamie County Mentoring Program - 2013 Outcomes

  • 75% of mentored youth had no new referrals to the juvenile court system
  • 92% of mentored youth (mentees) feel like they have more options for the future
  • 75% of mentees report that they are better able to express their feelings
  • 67% report better attitudes toward school, improved grades & better behavior in class
  • 50% of mentees report that they are better able to resist using alcohol and other drugs
  • 75% of mentees report having more interests or hobbies
  • 55% of mentors report that their mentee feels like s/he has become a better person
  • 64% of mentors report others seeing their mentee as more responsible
  • 58% of mentors report that their mentees have higher expectations for themselves
  • 42% of mentors report that their mentee has a more positive view of the future

Globally, youth who are mentored are 46% less likely to use drugs, 27% less likely to initiate alcohol use, 1/3 less likely to commit acts of violence, and skip half as many school days.

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“I want to help a kid, who did not ask for the life he was given”  

“I want to give back”  

“gain experience for my future career path”  

 “the chance to form a relationship with a young person and to make a difference in their life”  

“Kids need someone who is interested in them and who can see the potential they have, or they can easily go down the wrong path”  

“I would hope to make a difference and that all would turn out well with the child. You only get one life to live and we ALL should have a chance to experience, love, laughter, peace and how to cope with problems.”  

“I wish I would have had a mentor when I was a teen, for someone to say to me “you are going to regret this.”  

“I want to give hope to a child and let them know that there is a big world out there and they have a long life to live and current decisions may affect this all.”  


“want to make a difference and in my profession (police officer) it is usually too late by the time I get to them.”  

“I want to help educate and build self esteem in youth. I also want to be a positive role model and help kids feel good about themselves.”  

“the need for mentors is great! I grew up with dysfunction…. I want to assist in making a difference.”  

“give back to the community and help those who need positive diversion.”  

“I believe than all humans have the potential to become their best. The challenge for society is to try to provide a suitable environment for this to happen… thus my interest in mentoring”  

“I have the time to devote and I feel like I should be doing something positive for my community.”  

“something went wrong to make them involved in the system and I want to give back.”  

“I want to help someone who would have no other opportunity to chance to succeed.”  

“I believe I am a good role model and can share my interests with a youth.”

“Kids need stable people in their lives!  All children are good, they just make bad choices due to family background, social economic status etc...”

“If I could help one girl meet her goals, it would be very rewarding for her and myself.”