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Training and Exercises

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Local Training and Presentations
Outagamie County Emergency Management provides annual training to the public safety agencies and non-profit partners. These classes include ICS 100, ICS 200, ICS 300, ICS 400, IS 700 and Storm Spotter Awareness.

Emergency Management staff, upon request, visits schools, businesses, nursing homes, etc., to provide assistance in emergency planning and to provide liaison with other agencies to assist facilities in their emergency planning. Always, the emphasis is placed on training then exercising of plans followed by the incorporation of lessons – learned into the rewriting of the exercised plans.

Wisconsin Emergency Management (WEM) Training
Training information for State sponsored emergency management courses are sent out to the public safety partners throughout the year. These courses are available at no cost to the attendee, other than transportation and meals. Completed course applications must be returned to this office for processing. WEM trainings can be found at  

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Training
Additional information on training, including course descriptions and independent study courses, is available from the Federal Emergency Management Agency ( from the Emergency Management Institute (EMI) at Emmitsburg, MD.


Emergency Management conducts and participates in annual disaster exercises. These exercises range from the simple table top exercise, functional exercise, to elaborate full scale exercises. Aircraft emergencies, hazardous materials spills, terrorism incidents and severe weather events have been simulated to better prepare the emergency response personnel of Outagamie County.