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Business Preparedness

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Ready_BannerIs your workplace prepared for disaster?

In preparing for disasters, people usually focus on their individual preparedness, like developing an emergency plan with their family, or compiling disaster kits to keep in their home and car. However, five days a week, 8-10 hours a day, where do people spend most of their time? AT WORK! Just because you're in the office doesn't mean that disasters can't happen or that preparedness isn't just as important there as it is at home. For business owners and employees alike, peace of mind in the safety and security of their workplace makes for happier, more productive employment.


The primary purpose of a disaster plan and program is to first ensure the safety of the employees and then ensure the continuation or re-instatement of time-sensitive business operations after unplanned disruptions such as fire, power or communications blackout, flood, or workplace shooting.

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