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Street Name Guidelines

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Guidelines For Selecting Street Names

Comply with any existing municipality rules.

The use of an existing street name with a different suffix will not be allowed (e.g. Oak RD, Oak LN, Oak CT, etc.)

The use of special characters in street names is not allowed such as hyphens, apostrophes, or dashes.

All street names must have a suffix at the end (e.g. Apple RD, ST, DR, LN, TR, PL, CT, etc) U.S. postal standards should be used as guidance. The only exception to this is the use of a directional. See (2) below.

The further use of numbered street names will not be allowed, (1st, 2nd, 3rd or First, Second, Third, etc.) extensions to these streets will be allowed.

The use of slang or other inappropriate names will not be allowed.

Avoid street names that are difficult to spell or street names with several words. (Appaloosa Court, Lily of the Valley Drive)

Avoid the use of standard suffixes or directional suffixes or prefixes as street names. (e.g. North Blvd, Court St, Avenue of Pines)

Avoid the use of non-standard street name suffixes that may be confused with subdivisions or commercial developments. (e.g. Kneenah Plaza, Associated Drive, Association Drive)

The spelling of a street name must be consistent with all other existing street signs, the approved street name, the plat and/or recorded document etc. (e.g. Maple Ridge RD, Mapleridge RD). The municipality may be required to replace any sign that is not consistent with the above. 


The further use of "North", "South", "East", or "West" in a street name will not be allowed. The U.S. postal system and telephone companies must comply with standards that do not accommodate the use of directionals. If a directional must be used, the following guideline applies:

A directional at the beginning of a street name (e.g. North Point Dr) "North" is part of the street name and must be spelled out completely.

Directional rules apply only to area's under County addressing jurisdiction.


The assignment of all street names will be coordinated through the Outagamie County Planning Department.

To ensure proper street name dedication, names should be submitted early in the plat/CSM review process.

To maintain equality among developments, the Planning Department maintains a request list. This is a list of approved street names that have been reserved by individual developments. These names will only be held for TWO years at max. At that time they will be removed and available to other developments.

To keep order, street names should be submitted by the surveyor of the respective future street. In order to reserve a name, the surveyor will have to provide the municipality, name of plat, and survey firm.

Outagamie County Planning Department reserves the right to deny any name that may interfere with the efficiency of the E911 system. 

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