Certified Survey Map Review

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Outagamie County requires a Certified Survey Map (CSM) for all divisions of land that result in the creation of a new lot, tract or parcel. This requirement is incorporated into the County's Subdivision Ordinance.

The first step in any land division is to contact the Outagamie County Zoning Department at (920) 832-5255 or e-mail Isaac Uitenbroek at Isaac.Uitenbroek@outagamie.org to set up a date for a preliminary consultation. This consultation is used to promote a better understanding of the developer's intentions and County regulations. This early contact can also reduce potential delays in the review process by giving both parties a clearer picture of what is needed. Following this consultation, the land owner/developer should contact a licensed surveyor. A list of all the surveyors that work in Outagamie County is available from the Development and Land Services Department or obtained here.

The surveyor will complete the CSM and submit it to the Department of Development and Land Services for review, along with a copy of the preliminary consultation, copy of the CSM, and the applicable review fee, $350. A CSM can also be digitally submitted by sending to CSM.Final@outagamie.org. The Department of Development and Land Services has 10 business days to complete their review once the $350 review fee is received. NOTE: CSMs will not be reviewed until the fee is received.  If changes or corrections are required in the CSM, the time needed by the surveyor to make those changes are not counted in the 10 day review time. If changes are required, the surveyor is required to send the final CSM to CSM.Final@outagamie.org to receive confirmation that all changes were made prior to visiting the Development & Land Services office for signature.  Following confirmation and signature, the CSM is taken to the Register of Deeds Office for recording. A separate recording fee is needed ($30 flat fee for any recording). Most area surveyors are familiar with the County procedures and can provide further information regarding these requirements.

It is important to remember that this process does take some time. Plan accordingly. Other required permits, such as sanitary permits or building permits, may be delayed until the CSM is recorded. Make sure that enough time is allotted for all the necessary reviews. For further information on this process, please contact CSM.Final@outagamie.org or go to the County Surveyor page.

**Submit final CSM digitally to CSM.Final@outagamie.org for confirmation before visiting our office for signature and recording.