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Public Works Bid Openings - Projects Over $250,000

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 Airport Common Storage Hangar

Jan. 27, 2015 

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 Landfill Gas Extraction Wells/Leachate Recirculation System    

 September 17, 2015

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East Landfill Piping Installation


March 31, 2016   


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East Landfill Geosynthetics Installation


March 31, 2016


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Brewster Village Chiller Replacement


November 9, 2016


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Brewster Village Chiller Replacement Rebid


December 7, 2016


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Northeast Area 6 Landfill-Phase 3


March 7, 2017


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Addition/Remodel County Administration Complex            


April 17, 2017


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Addition to Dept. of Recycling and Solid Waste Building 


April 25, 2017


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Renovate Sheriff's Department Law Enforcement Division Building


May 3, 2017


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Provide all materials and installation of a landfill gas handling and enclosed flare system at the Department of Solid Waste


June 7, 2017


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Airport - Jet Fuel Tank System


February 12, 2018


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Landfill - Gas Handling Skid & Enclosed Flare


February 15, 2018


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Airport Storage Hanger


April 17, 2018


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Justice Center Piping Project

December 20, 2018 Click HERE

Landfill - remodel of the Material Recovery Facility (MRF) Presort Cabin

June 11, 2019  Click HERE

Landfill - remodel of the Material Recovery Facility (MRF) Presort Cabin

July 23, 2019 Click HERE 

Landfill - Material Recovery Facility (MRF) Equipment Upgrade

 November 12, 2019 Click HERE 

Airport - Challenger Drive Roundabout

December 17, 2019  Click HERE 

Landfill - 14 Acre Final Cover

 February 19, 2020 Click HERE  
Landfill - Residential Drop Off Area of Landfill Located in Appleton
April 21, 2020 Click HERE  

Brewster Village - Window Replacement

 May 14, 2020 Click HERE 


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