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2019 Elections

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 April 2, 2019  April Spring Election

Outagamie County Official Election Reports - Note that this link shows the Outagamie County Board of Canvassers reports for state, county, and multi-jurisdictional judge contests.  All other contests (municipal and school) are canvassed by those respective municipal/school canvass boards.

Unofficial Election Night Results were posted and completed at approximately 2:25 a.m. April 3, 2019.

The County Clerk's Office on Election Night experienced an IT issue.  Precincts were able to modem, but unfortunately, the server was unable to receive results.  Delays of unofficial results were the result of the outage as the County Clerk implemented backup plans for receiving results.  Following are the unofficial reports. 

Unofficial Election Report

Unofficial Precinct Report

Updated Unofficial Election Summary Results - This link shows an update to the Unofficial Election Summary Results due to an error that occurred in not including one tabulator tape results for the Town of Grand Chute Wards 4-14.  This was a County Clerk Office error on Election night, not caused by the Town of Grand Chute or tabulator equipment.)

Municipal Provisional Ballot Posting

Municipal Provisional Ballot Posting - Updated 4/3/19

Type B-C-D Election Notice - Outagamie County and portions of Calumet & Winnebago Counties 

Reporting Units for the April 2, 2019 Spring Election 

County Certification of Candidates - April 2, 2019 Election 

Candidate Ballot Access Lists (no changes were made after last listed update): 

  • County Executive Candidate List
    (updated 12/18/18)
  • Multi-Jurisdictional Municipal Judge (Villages of Bear Creek, Black Creek, & Nichols)
    (updated 12/28/18)
  • County Supervisor, District 8 Candidate List
    (updated 12/28/18)    
    Type A Election Notice

    February 19, 2019 February Spring Primary

    There were no State or County Spring Primary contests in Outagamie County.  Local municipal and school district contest in Outagamie County include (website links to municipality/school for more information):

    Unofficial Election Night Results - For official results, please check with local municipal and/or school district clerks.

    Unofficial Election Summary

    Unofficial Precinct Report

    Provisional Report - This report was provided at the request of the municipal clerk(s) to report provisional ballot numbers relative to the election.  Note that other municipal clerks, not listed on the report, will either post on their municipal website or the school district website.

    February 19, 2019 Spring Primary Reporting Units