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March 27, 2012 County Board Packet Information

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Minutes of the Previous Meeting




- None.

Resolution No. 119—2011-12 - Emergency Management Department. Approve the Outagamie County Emergency Management Department to apply for, accept and expend the Incident Command System training grant funds in the amount of $4,956.44, with no county match required.

Resolution No. 120—2011-12 – Finance Committee. Approve and authorize the execution of the "Resolution Awarding the Sale of $13,250,000 General Obligation Refunding Bonds".

Resolution No. 121—2011-12 – Highway and Solid Waste Committee and Finance Committee. Approve the establishment of a Recycling Stabilization Account whose purpose will be to hold recycling monies that serve as a buffer against fluctuating commodity prices and state funding, and that amounts to be expended from this restricted account would be included in the Recycling Stabilization Account annual budget and approved by the County Board or would be brought forward to the Outagamie County Board through a separate resolution. 

Resolution No. 122—2011-12 - Property, Airport, Recreation and Economic Development Committee. Approve termination of the Consortium Agreement with the Local Elected Officials of the Fox Valley Workforce Development Board, thereby, effectively terminating its membership in the Fox Valley Workforce Development Board effective May 30, 2012. 

Resolution No. 123—2011-12 - Property, Airport, Recreation and Economic Development Committee. Approve of joining the Bay Area Workforce Development Board.

Resolution No. 124—2011-12 – Public Safety Committee. Oppose any language that holds the county financially responsible for services that are already paid for by other entities. 

Resolution No. 125—2011-12 - Agriculture, Extension Education, Zoning and Land Conservation Committee. Commend the University of Wisconsin Extension, its division of Cooperative Extension, and its local county extension educators for their cooperation and support which allows people of Outagamie County to apply the research and knowledge of the University of Wisconsin in their lives, homes, farms, schools and businesses. 

Ordinance No. K—2011-12 – Finance Committee. Approve list of Outagamie County Approved Designated Depositories as listed.

Ordinance No. L—2011-12 - Legislative/Audit and Human Resources Committee. Approve that Chapter 2 of the Outagamie County Code of Ordinances, Sec. 2-62. Rule 19 – Committee on appointments and special committees, (3) be changed as indicated.