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March 13, 2012 County Board Packet Information

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Resolution No. Z-36—2011-12 - Agriculture, Extension Education, Zoning and Land Conservation Committee. Approve a proposed rezoning change for Jeffery Wierichs from General Agriculture District to Single-Family Attached Residence District for 16 acres of land in the Town of Grand Chute. 

Resolution No. 113—2011-12 - Legislative/Audit and Human Resources Committee. Approve salary adjustments, as noted on the fiscal note, for the Outagamie County elected officials County Clerk, Treasurer and Register of Deeds, effective with the beginning of the 2013 term of office.

Resolution No. 114—2011-12

- Property, Airport, Recreation and Economic Development Committee -- Approve the jurisdictional transfer of Black Otter Lake Park from Outagamie County to the Village of Hortonville, with deed restrictions associated with the transfer.

Resolution No. 115—2011-12

- Property, Airport, Recreation and Economic Development Committee. Approve the Outagamie County Highway Department to complete the resurfacing of the trestle bridge in Shiocton, which is part of the Newton-Blackmour State Trail at an estimated cost of $38,500, and approve resurfacing a portion of the trail for $7,400 for a total project cost of $45,900.

Resolution No. 116—2011-12

- Highway & Solid Waste Committee. Approve the sale of a 98 square foot parcel of land located in the northeast corner of the Outagamie County Landfill to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation for a total of $350.

Resolution No. 117—2011-12

- Agriculture, Extension Education, Zoning & Land Conservation Committee. Approve of the proposed amendments to the Outagamie County Comprehensive Plan – A Look to the Future.

Resolution No. 118—2011-12

- Finance Committee - Approve of all excess or deficiency of revenues over/under expenditures and unexpended appropriations of the various accounts reverting back to the County’s General Fund or from the General Fund as indicated in the attachment as of December 31, 2011, with the exception of those expense, revenue or transfers as detailed, which revises future land use map for the Town of Buchanan, Town of Grand Chute, Town of Center and Village of Hortonville.

Ordinance No. J—2011-12 - Highway & Solid Waste Committee. Amend Section 36-166, Highways Designated as Class B Highway, as indicated; and approve removal of weight limits of the portion of CTH “J” from CTH “JJ” to CTH “S” effective upon expiration of the 2012 spring weight limits; removal of the portion of CTH “J” from CTH “S” to CTH “E” will be effective upon completion of the 2012 paving project.