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September 24, 2019 County Board Meeting

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**  AGENDA  **



Office of the County Clerk, September 24, 2019. 

The Board meets pursuant to adjournment, and is called to order by Chairperson Nooyen at 7:00 p.m. in the County Board Room, located at 320 South Walnut Street, Appleton, Wisconsin.

ROLL CALL of the Board of Supervisors.  Board Chairperson requests the Board's confirmation regarding excused members.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE - Offered by Chairperson Nooyen.





PUBLIC PARTICIPATION FOR A PERIOD OF FIFTEEN MINUTES (PERTINENT TO THE RESOLUTIONS OF THE DAY) – Individual speakers are limited to three minutes per speaker. 

County Board Chair Nooyen nomination for appointment of Dominic Renteria as the District 3 County Board Supervisor and serving on the Public Safety Committee; said term expiring April 20, 2020.

REPORT BY THE COUNTY EXECUTIVE - County Executive Thomas Nelson will give an Administrative Update.

REPORT AND PRESENTATION OF COUNTY LOBBYIST - County Lobbyist Mark Wadium will speak on subjects of County interest.

Resolution No. 44--2019-20
– Highway, Recycling and Solid Waste Committee.  Authorize removing the 0.57 mile segment of CTH U (N. County Line Road) between CTH VV and STH 29 from the County Trunk Highway System and jurisdictionally transfer the east half of the roadway and maintenance authority of the entire roadway to the Village of Hobart and the west half of the roadway to the Town of Oneida, as noted on the attachments.

At the August 13, August 27, and September 10, 2019 County Board Meetings, Resolution No. 44 was held in the Highway, Recycling and Solid Waste Committee.

Resolution No. 60—2019-20 Finance Committee.  Approve the sale of In-Rem Tax Foreclosure property at 209 Prospect Street, Village of Bear Creek, “as is” for $7,310.48 (amount equal to appraised value and municipal outstanding special assessments and charges) with the Village being responsible for costs to raze the property, as noted on the attachments.

Resolution No. 61—2019-20 Health and Human Services Committee.  Support legislation that will end the use of personal conviction waivers for school and day care center immunization requirements.

Resolution No. 62—2019-20 Highway, Recycling and Solid Waste Committee.  Approve selling excess highway right-of-way on County M, Town of Dale, to Jeff Kearn for $500 and closing costs; authorize related Quit Claim Deed, survey, and recording/title work; and approve cost centers changes: increase Highway Property Sales of Assets $500 and decrease Highway Administration Fund Balance Applied $500, as noted on the attachments. 

Resolution No. 63—2019-20 – Highway, Recycling and Solid Waste Committee.  Authorize transferring ownership of excess right-of-way, via Quit Claim Deed, of 3,548 square feet (Parcel B), Town of Oneida, to the Oneida Nation at no cost; accept two easements (Parcels A and C), Town of Oneida, from the Oneida Nation at no cost, as noted on the attachments.

Resolution No. 64—2019-20 Legislative/Audit & Human Resources Committee.  Support non-partisan redistricting process legislation that utilizes locally developed wards/districts to establish voting districts, and request public hearings in each Wisconsin Congressional District to allow citizen input on the proposed legislation, and authorize the county board chair to request written response from the Governor and each state legislator representing Outagamie County residents for their opinion of proposed non-partisan redistricting process legislation, requesting responses by the January 14, 2020, County Board meeting with a report to the county board at that meeting regarding responses.

Resolution No. 65—2019-20 Legislative/Audit & Human Resources Committee.  Approve the request to eliminate one part-time Health and Human Services Human Services Specialist III position and the creation of one part-time Health and Human Services Aging and Long Term Support Nutrition Coordinator position effective November 4, 2019, with no budget adjustment needed in the 2019 Adopted Budget, as noted on the attachments.

Resolution No. 66—2019-20 Legislative/Audit & Human Resources Committee.  Approve re-classification of the following positions:  Brewster Village Wellness Nurse, Neighborhood Coordinator, and Nurse Specialist to move from exempt to non-exempt effective October 1, 2019, with no 2019 Adopted Budget adjustment, as noted on the attachments.