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January 28, 2020 County Board Meeting

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**  AGENDA  **



Office of the County Clerk, January 28, 2020.     

The Board meets pursuant to adjournment, and is called to order by Chairperson Nooyen at 7:00 p.m. in the County Board Room, located at 320 South Walnut Street, Appleton, Wisconsin.

ROLL CALL of the Board of Supervisors.  Board Chairperson requests the Board's confirmation regarding excused members.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE - Offered by Chairperson Nooyen.


Comprehensive Plan Presentation – Development and Land Services Director Kara Homan


Communications Referral List

PUBLIC PARTICIPATION FOR A PERIOD OF FIFTEEN MINUTES (PERTINENT TO THE RESOLUTIONS OF THE DAY) – Individual speakers are limited to three minutes per speaker. 


REPORT BY THE COUNTY EXECUTIVE - County Executive Thomas Nelson will give an Administrative Update.

REPORT AND PRESENTATION OF COUNTY LOBBYIST - County Lobbyist Mark Wadium will speak on subjects of County interest.

Resolution No. 115—2019-20
– Health and Human Services Committee.  Authorize the County Health and Human Services Department to enter into a Memo of Understanding and Agreement with the Oneida Nation Indian Child Welfare Department (the Nation) clarifying the relationship between Outagamie County and the Nation in regard to providing for the health, safety, and welfare of children of the Nation residing within Outagamie County as noted in the resolution and on the attachments. 

At the December 10, 2019 and January 14, 2020 County Board Meetings, Resolution No. 115 was held in the Health and Human Services Committee.

Resolution No. 130--2019-20– Health and Human Services Committee and Public Safety Committee.  Support legislation that would correct a discrepancy between parallel statutes hearing timelines for Children in Need of Protection proceedings under State Statutes Chapter 48 (Children’s Code), and juvenile delinquency cases under Chapter 938 (Juvenile Justice Code), that a day when the Clerk of Circuit Courts Office is closed does not count toward the computation of the detention hearing timeline under Chapter 938.

At the January 14, 2020, County Board Meeting, Resolution No. 115 was held in the Health and Human Services Committee.    

Ordinance No. Z-9—2019-20
– Agriculture, Extension Education, Zoning & Land Conservation Committee.  Approve the petition of MLS Futures Group LLC to rezone parcel(s) 200007200, 200007000, and part of 200006800, totaling 77.71 acres from General Agricultural to Single-Family Residential in the Town of Vandenbroek, as noted on the attachments.

Resolution No. 136--2019-20– Finance Committee.  Approve, effective December 31, 2020, to withdraw from the East Central Regional Planning Commission and give notice to terminate the Agreement for the Administration of Certain County-Adopted Non-Metallic Mining Reclamation Ordinances.  The services provided under the terms of the agreement shall be administered by Outagamie County.

Resolution No. 137--2019-20– Health and Human Services Committee.  Approve to support pending legislation, known as the “Commitment to Veteran Support and Outreach Act” that authorizes the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to enter into contracts with States or to award grants to States to promote health and wellness, prevent suicide, and improve outreach to veterans.

Resolution No. 138--2019-20– Legislative/Audit & Human Resources Committee.  Approve moving the County Highway Department Grade Foreman position from exempt, grade 8, to non-exempt, grade 37, and moving the position to the applicable step in the non-exempt wage scale that the employee is currently, as noted on the attachments.

Resolution No. 139--2019-20– Property, Airport, Recreation & Economic Development Committee.  Approve an application for State aid for the purpose of maintaining, acquiring, developing, and ensuring a program of snowmobile trails for public recreational use; authorize and approve the County Parks Director and/or Management Assistant to act on behalf of the County by submitting an application to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources for any financial aid that may be available, sign documents, and take any necessary action to undertake, direct and complete approved projects, and the County will meet the financial obligation of accepted grants.

Resolution No. 140—2019-20– Property, Airport, Recreation & Economic Development Committee and Highway, Recycling and Solid Waste Committee.  Establish the Resource Recovery Center Upgrade and Expansion Project as a public works project whose total cost will exceed $250,000 in accordance with County Code of Ordinances Section 50-87, and authorize formation of the Resource Recovery Center Upgrade and Expansion Oversight Committee to assure that the project proceeds in the best interest of the county.

Ordinance No. G—2019-20– Agriculture, Extension Education, Zoning and Land Conservation Committee.  Recommend the proposed amendment to repeal the existing County Comprehensive Plan: A Look to the Future (2008), including Chapters 1-9, the Future Land Use Map, and Appendices A-D; rename the remaining plan components “Outdoor Recreation and Open Space Plan” in Appendix E to Addendum 1; and adopt the proposed County Comprehensive Plan 2040: A Shared Path Forward, including Volumes 1, 2, and 3, as noted on the attachments.

Ordinance No. H—2019-20-- Property, Airport, Recreation & Economic Development Committee.  Approve amending the County Code of Ordinances as pertains to Subdivision VII, Commercial Ground Transportation, as noted on the attachments.