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October 23, 2018 County Board Meeting

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**   AGENDA   **


Office of the County Clerk, October 23, 2018.     

The Board meets pursuant to adjournment, and is called to order by Chairperson Nooyen at 7:00 p.m. in the County Board Room, located at 320 South Walnut Street, Appleton, Wisconsin.

ROLL CALL of the Board of Supervisors.  Board Chairperson requests the Board's confirmation regarding excused members.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE - Offered by Chairperson Nooyen. 

PUBLIC HEARING FOR THE PROPOSED 2019 OUTAGAMIE COUNTY BUDGET - Pursuant to Wisconsin Statutes Section 65.90. 





Communication Referral List 

PUBLIC PARTICIPATION FOR A PERIOD OF FIFTEEN MINUTES (PERTINENT TO THE RESOLUTIONS OF THE DAY) – Individual speakers are limited to three minutes per speaker. 

County Executive Nelson nomination for appointment of Denee Mott to the Outagamie County Housing Authority Commission; said term expiring May 1, 2019.

County Executive Nelson nomination for appointment of Laura McCormick and Thomas Schelble, MD, to the Health & Human Services Board; said terms expiring December 31, 2021.

County Executive Nelson nomination for appointment of Peter Thillman as the Fox Cities Regional Partnership Member and Bob Jakel for re-appointment as municipal economic development member to the Outagamie County Loan Review Committee; said terms expiring January 2021.

County Executive Nelson nomination for appointment of Angela Ver Voort and Nate Wolff  and re-appointment of Pete Gilbert and Cathy Thompson to the Outagamie Waupaca Counties Federated Library System Advisory Board; said terms expiring December 31, 2021. 

REPORT BY THE COUNTY EXECUTIVE - County Executive Thomas Nelson will give an Administrative Update. 

REPORT AND PRESENTATION OF COUNTY LOBBYIST - County Lobbyist Mark Wadium will speak on subjects of County interest.


Resolution No. Z-12--2018-19
– Agriculture, Extension Education, Zoning and Land Conservation Committee. Approve an 8.44 acre rezoning in the Town of Greenville from General Agriculture District to Single Family Residential District for parcels 110083901 and 110083948; Petitioner:  Town of Greenville.

Resolution No. 61--2018-19-- Finance Committee.  Approve Information Technology (IT) budget adjustments transferring $34,640 from IT Purchased Services to Salaries ($27,740) and Fringe Benefits ($6,900); transferring from IT Administrative Services Salaries ($21,000), Fringe Benefits ($16,000), and Supplies ($11,000) to Purchased Services ($48,000), as noted on the attached fiscal note.

Resolution No. 62--2018-19-- Finance Committee.  Approve budget adjustment decrease County Clerk Elections Purchased Services by $10,000 and increasing Fees, Fines and Costs ($4,000) and Supplies ($14,000), as noted on the attached fiscal note.

Resolution No. 63--2018-19– Health and Human Services Committee.  Request the state of Wisconsin increase the Children and Family Aids Allocation by $30 million annually in the 2019-21 biennial budget to counties to cover a greater share of out-of-home care costs and increase staffing obligations so Wisconsin’s child protective services system can meet its obligations.  Also, urge the state to close critical oversight gaps by creating legislative mechanisms to review the child protective services resource needs of all counties as part of the biennial budget process and ensure an appropriate committee provide ongoing policy guidance to respond to emerging child protective services trends and ongoing system needs.

Resolution No. 64--2018-19– Health and Human Services Committee. Request that state funding for county child support agencies be increased by $1.5 million general purpose revenue in each fiscal year of the 2019-21 Wisconsin state budget, which will generate approximately $3 million in additional federal funding each year to ensure that counties can continue to effectively provide economic support to our children.

Resolution No. 65--2018-19– Highway, Recycling & Solid Waste Committee.  Transfer $282,000 from the Highway CTH Z – CTH HH to STH 55 project to the CTH M – South County Line to STH 96 project ($33,000), CTH M – STH 96 to Honeysuckle Road project ($120,000) and purchase of a quad axle vehicle ($129,000) and transfer $500,000 from the Highway Capital Project Funds to the County Road and Bridge Funds for the CTH ZZ – Nackers Road to East County Line Road project, as noted on the attached fiscal note.

Resolution No. 66--2018-19– Public Safety Committee.  Approve the Clerk of Circuit Court Office to contract with the Department of Revenue for the collection of unpaid debt pursuant to Wisconsin Statutes, as noted on the attached fiscal note and Wisconsin Statewide Debt Collection Agreement.

Resolution No. 67--2018-19– Finance Committee.  Award the sale of $6,095,000
General Obligation Promissory Notes, Series 2018A, as noted on the attached fiscal note.

Resolution No. 68--2018-19– Property, Airport, Recreation & Economic Development Committee.  Approve entering into a Commercial Account Right of Entry Agreement with Time Warner Cable Midwest LLC (“Charter”) for property located at W6365 Discovery Dr., Appleton, WI  54914, as noted on the attached documents.

Resolution No. 69--2018-19– Finance Committee.  Award the sale of $3,000,000 General Obligation Corporate Purpose Bonds, Series 2018B, as noted on the attached fiscal note.

Resolution No. 70--2018-19– Finance Committee.  Award the sale of $6,100,000 Taxable General Obligation Airport Bonds, Series 2018C, as noted on the attached fiscal note.

Resolution No. 71--2018-19– Highway, Recycling & Solid Waste Committee and Public Safety Committee.  Request the Wisconsin Department of Transportation to conduct an engineering and traffic investigation on I-41 from County BB (Prospect Avenue) to Kaukauna exit County J and ultimately lower the speed limit on that stretch of the highway from 10-15 miles per hour as soon as possible. 

Per County Ordinance Chapter 22 Section 166, the Purchasing Agent reports to the County Board items that have been sold.  The County has partnered with Wisconsin Surplus for online auctions for an Offset Printer, NCR Paper, and Kimosetter Plate Printer.