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January 22, 2019 County Board Meeting

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**   AGENDA   **



Office of the County Clerk, January 22, 2019.     

The Board meets pursuant to adjournment, and is called to order by Chairperson Nooyen at 7:00 p.m. in the County Board Room, located at 320 South Walnut Street, Appleton, Wisconsin.

ROLL CALL of the Board of Supervisors.  Board Chairperson requests the Board's confirmation regarding excused members.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE - Offered by Chairperson Nooyen.


Explanation of Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) Districts –Brian Massey, Finance Director 


Communication Referral List
County Clerk – On desks for annual completion - ETHCF-14 Exemption Reverification

PUBLIC PARTICIPATION FOR A PERIOD OF FIFTEEN MINUTES (PERTINENT TO THE RESOLUTIONS OF THE DAY) – Individual speakers are limited to three minutes per speaker.   

County Executive Nelson nomination for appointments of Clint Kriewaldt and alternate Corey Besaw to the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, set term to expire April, 2020.

County Executive Nelson nomination for reappointment of John Brietzman to the Veterans Service Commission, set term to expire December 2021. 

REPORT BY THE COUNTY EXECUTIVE - County Executive Thomas Nelson will give an Administrative Update. 

REPORT AND PRESENTATION OF COUNTY LOBBYIST - County Lobbyist Mark Wadium will speak on subjects of County interest.


Resolution No. Z-15—2018-19
– Agriculture, Extension Education, Zoning & Land Conservation Committee.  Approve the proposed rezoning request for the Town of Greenville of 29.48 acres from General Agriculture District to Single Family Residential District for Dercks Dwitt, LLC.

Ordinance No. Z-2—2018-19-- Agriculture, Extension Education, Zoning & Land Conservation Committee.  Approve the amendment to the Outagamie County Comprehensive Plan, Appendix F – Farmland Preservation Plan to include the Three Rivers Agriculture Enterprise Area (AEA) map and The Greenville Greenbelt AEA map, which totals approximately 117,364 acres in the Towns of Greenville, Deer Creek, and Maple Creek, as noted on the attached documents.

Resolution No. 150—2018-19– Finance Committee.  Approve the Outagamie County Clerk publishing the Proceedings of the Board of Supervisors in an electronic format rather than physical copies from this date forward.

Resolution No. 151—2018-19– Property, Airport, Recreation and Economic Development Committee.  Approve the 2019 airline operating agreement between Outagamie County and American Airlines, as detailed in the attached fiscal note and Airline Operating Agreement.

Resolution No. 152—2018-19– Property, Airport, Recreation and Economic Development Committee.  Approve increasing the Customer Facility Charge at the Appleton International Airport to $4.50 per day and removing the four-day maximum charge.  Authorize increasing the Airport CFC Revenues, Charges for Services by $194,000 and decreasing Airport Operations Fund Balance applied by $194,000, as noted on the attached fiscal note.

Resolution No. 153—2018-19– Property, Airport, Recreation and Economic Development Committee.  Approve the Non-Exclusive Rental Car Concession Agreements for space located in Appleton International Airport’s Consolidated Car Rental Facility with the following rental car companies:  Midwest Car Corporation DBA Alamo Rent-A-Car, Midwestern Wheels DBA Avis Rent-A-Car, Vehicle Rental Services LLC DBA Budget Rent-A-Car, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Red Top Cab DBA Hertz and Midwest Car Corporation also DBA National Rent-A-Car, as noted on the attachments.

Resolution No. 154—2018-19– Public Safety Committee.  Approve Outagamie County Emergency Management’s request to accept and expend a scholarship of $4,400 from the Fox Valley Healthcare Emergency Readiness Coalition, and increase Emergency Management Grants, Miscellaneous Revenues and Travel/Training line items by $4,400, as noted on the attached fiscal note.

Resolution No. 155—2018-19– Legislative/Audit & Human Resources Committee.  Approve Administrative Rule, AR-19-01, which consolidates the AS&P Personnel Manual and various Interim Personnel Policy Manuals into the Employee Handbook, as attached; a copy of which will be filed in the County Clerk’s office.