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Corporation Counsel

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The office of Corporation Counsel provides a full range of legal services to the County Board, County Executive, County departments, committees, commissions and public officials. Principal activities include rendering legal opinions and advice, drafting and reviewing contracts, resolutions and other legal proceedings and negotiating property acquisitions. The office also represents the County in various civil proceedings which include: account collection for departments, tax foreclosures, mental commitments, child support enforcement, guardianships, protective placements and prosecution of county ordinance violations, especially zoning and airport parking. The office also provides periodic in-house training on relevant legal issues such as open meetings and public records law.  Phone (920) 832-1522  Fax (920) 832-2160

Corporation Counsel Staff  Email  Position 
Joseph P. Guidote, Jr Email Corporation Counsel 
Kyle J. Sargent Email Deputy Corporation Counsel 
Traycee England  Email Assistant Corporation Counsel 
Aaron J. Janssen  Email Assistant Corporation Counsel 
Dawn T. Shaha Email Assistant Corporation Counsel 
Becky Meulemans  Email Office Manager / Paralegal 
Lorri Hurst  Email Paralegal 
Stephanie Lind Email Legal Secretary