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Observed Outagamie County Holidays   
January 1st Thanksgiving Day  
Good Friday  Day After Thanksgiving
Memorial Day  December 24th
July 4th  December 25th
Labor Day December 31st  

Airport - 832-5268
Appleton International Airport (ATW) is owned and operated by Outagamie County and serves Appleton, the Fox Cities and northeast Wisconsin. The airport has commercial air service to four major hubs; United Airlines to Chicago O'Hare; and Delta Airlines to Atlanta, Detroit and Minneapolis. Allegiant Air offers non-stop service directly to Las Vegas, Phoenix/Mesa, Orlando/Sanford and Tampa/St. Pete. Our U.S. Customs and Border Protection facility accepts international arrivals on aircraft up to 20 passengers. The ATW campus covers 1,700 acres including Gulfstream Appleton, FedEx air cargo distribution center, Air Wisconsin--the largest privately held regional airline in the U.S., Fox Valley Technical College's Public Safety Training Center and our FBO--Platinum Flight Center.

Brewster Village - 832-5400
Brewster Village provides short-term rehabilitation and long-term nursing services designed to meet individuals' social and medical needs. We provide exceptional care based on person-directed values and practices where the voices of our villagers are encouraged and respected. Choice, dignity, respect, self-determination, and purposeful living are the core values of our care.

Circuit Courts  
The Outagamie County Circuit Courts are part of the state court system and are responsible for the processing of all court cases filed in Outagamie County. There are seven circuit court branches in Outagamie County.

Clerk of Circuit Courts - 832-5131
The Clerk of Circuit Courts functions under a wide range of statutory duties and responsibilities providing services to the courts, attorneys, county and state government and the general public. Primary functions include the creation, maintenance, and security of court records, compilation of statistical data, staffing the courtrooms, and management of jury panels. The office also performs a host of tasks serving the public and providing administrative support to the courts. As the fiscal officer for the court system, the clerk is responsible for the collection and disbursement of fees, fines, restitution, trust money, and bail bonds. The clerk prepares reports and submits requests for state reimbursement for court support funds, guardian ad litem costs and interpreters.

Coroner - 832-5841
The Coroner's office is responsible for investigating deaths within the county, including accidental, natural, suicide, and suspicious deaths. This office also issues cremation and disinterment permits.

Corporation Counsel - 832-1522
The Corporation Counsel's office handles all civil legal matters for Outagamie County. The department is comprised of four full-time attorneys, one paralegal, and one legal assistant.

County Clerk - 832-5077
The County Clerk serves as the county board secretary by preparing agendas, county board meeting minutes, and distributing resolutions and ordinances. Other primary functions of the office include election administration for federal, state, and county elections, and issuance of marriage licenses.

The County Clerk further has the responsibility to perform the following: maintain public work bid openings; issue marriage licenses; administer county, state and federal elections; process county board supervisor mileage and per diem; file original county records, such as contracts, leases and deeds; issue DILHR weatherization stamps; issue dog tags/licenses to county municipalities; issue plat books, compile and publish the Directory of Public officials.

County Executive 832-1684
The office of the County Executive consists of an elected Executive, Deputy Executive Administrator, and an Executive Administrative Assistant who are responsible for general government operations with in the setting of the chief executive officer of a $160+ million service corporation.

Court Commissioner - 832-5093
The Circuit Court Commissioner, with backup from the Assistant Court Commissioner, is responsible for all initial appearances in criminal, juvenile, ordinance, traffic and small claims matters. In criminal matters, contested cases are assigned to a judge and a trial date is set, except in criminal felony cases where 44% are first assigned to the Court Commissioner for a preliminary hearing before being assigned to a judge for trial. If a criminal case is uncontested, a judge is assigned and the case is scheduled for sentencing or disposition. In juvenile, eviction and replevin matters, if the case is contested, a judge is assigned and a trial date is set. If uncontested, a judge is assigned for final disposition. Contested ordinance and civil traffic cases are first set for a pretrial conference with the Court Commissioner and then, if not resolved, the case is assigned to circuit court and scheduled for trial. Uncontested ordinance and civil traffic cases are disposed of by the Court Commissioner. Small claims initial appearances, pre-trials, and trials are heard by the Assistant Court Commissioner or Court Commissioner. If appealed, small claims decisions are then assigned to circuit court for trial de novo. The Court Commissioner is also the emergency intake court of juveniles, involuntary mental commitments and emergency protective placements.

Criminal Justice Treatment Services - 832-5160

Criminal Justice Treatment Services is responsible for a number of community based criminal justice programs as well as programs within the Outagamie County Jail. The department offers community diversion programming for criminal justice offenders, coordinates activities for the alternative treatment courts and provides programs that facilitate treatment, education and employment resources for jail inmates. Outagamie County Criminal Justice Treatment Services' mission is the rehabilitation of criminal justice offenders with a commitment to the protection of the community.

Development and Land Services - 832-5255
The Development and Land Services department fulfills a number of roles that are assisted by automation. The roles fulfilled by the Development and Land Services department include developing land use and zoning recommendations; assisting in the planning of county highways, airport improvements, and recreational improvements; maintaining county-wide address systems and mapping; developing applications and administering grants programs; assisting in the planning of long range capital projects; planning for economic development; assisting in the planning of land records modernization for Outagamie County, and; coordinating the development of a county-wide GIS (Geographic Information System).

District Attorney - 832-5024
To professionally fulfill the Constitutional and statutory duties of the District Attorney's Office. Our primary responsibilities include criminal, traffic, and juvenile prosecutions. Our current staff includes 15 county employees and 11 state attorneys. Our office serves 7 Circuit Court Branches, 3 Court Commissioners and advises 16 law enforcement agencies in the county.

Emergency Management - 832-5148
Emergency Management performs mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery actions and activities for natural and technological disasters affecting citizens, businesses, organizations and municipalities of Outagamie County including, but not limited to; emergency operations planning, emergency operations center/field incident command system coordination; public awareness education; emergency management related training; organizational and facility plans development and exercising; and, federal and state grants and aides procurement. Emergency Management completes tasks and activities that fulfill the requirements of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and Wisconsin Emergency Management annual plan of work. Emergency Management also maintains a resource management system that yields access to all public and private sector resources for disaster response and recovery. Emergency Management also maintains and audits the Hazard Communication Program (HAZCOM) for employees of Outagamie County.

Family Court Commissioner - 832-5057
The Family Court Commissioner is responsible for scheduling and holding hearings in divorce and paternity matters. The generation of various court orders pertaining to divorce and paternity matters is also the responsibility of the Family Court Commissioner. Domestic abuse and harassment injunction petitions are heard. The Family Court Commissioner also addresses child Support matters.

Family Court Services - 832-5660
The Family Court Program provides mediation and evaluation services to parents who are unable to resolve conflicts regarding the legal custody, physical placement and periods of placement (visitation) of their children.

Financial Services - 832-1680
The Financial Services department is responsible for the following general accounting and financial analysis tasks: performing general ledger accounting activities: maintaining and distributing monthly general ledger reports and monthly budget reports; managing Outagamie County personnel payroll; performing accounts payable and accounts receivable activities; countywide purchasing and encumbrance reporting; maintaining general receipting system; performing risk management activities; preparation of Outagamie County's annual budget; audit preparation activities; and special projects. Purchasing

Health & Human Services - 832-4741
The mission of the Outagamie County Department of Health & Human Services is to promote healthy, independent individuals by:

  • Protecting the community and vulnerable individuals;
  • Fostering self-sufficiency;
  • Providing education, prevention, early intervention, treatment, and rehabilitative services;
  • Managing public funds efficiently and effectively.

The Department of Health & Human Services is committed to assisting people in Outagamie County achieve health, safety, wellbeing and self-sufficiency. The Department divisions are:

Highway - 832-5673
The Highway department is responsible for road maintenance, construction, paving, and bridge replacement or repairs for the state, county, and other units of government. The Highway department uses computers primarily for all aspects of accounting, including general ledger, fixed assets, accounts receivable, invoicing, labor distribution, machinery operations, inventory, preventative maintenance, and report writing. Other important functions includes Excel spreadsheets and Word documents.

Human Resources 832-1668
The Human Resources department is responsible for various aspects of the personnel/human resources functions of Outagamie County. These functions include: recruiting and hiring of personnel, termination of personnel, management of benefits, salary administration; employee training, negotiation of union contracts, administration of all paid and unpaid leaves, maintenance of employee records, labor relations, and ensuring county compliance with employment laws.

Land Conservation - 832-5073
The Land Conservation Department today not only works with rural landowners, urban landowners now have a major part in protecting the county's land and water resources. Staff work with landowners on protection strategies that best meet the landowners conservation and financial needs. The department places particular emphasis on soil conservation, water quality improvement, groundwater protection, flood control, nonpoint water pollution abatement, erosion control, wildlife habitat improvement, farmland preservation and animal waste management, striving to promote the awareness of natural resources and their value to the citizens of Outagamie County. The department administers cost-share programs that provide funds to landowners who install conservation or best management practices. Individual staff assistance is provided to landowners and operators in the development of conservation plans and the survey, design and layout of conservation practices. The department administers a variety of programs such as the Animal Waste Storage Facility Ordinance, Farmland Preservation Program, Priority Watershed Program, Land and Water Resource Management Cost Share Program, Wildlife Damage Claim and Abatement Program, and others designed to enhance the natural environment here in Outagamie County.

Legislative Services - 832-5054
Legislative Services is responsible for the preparing, drafting, tracking, and documenting county board committee agendas, minutes, and resolutions. The task of general code codification has been assumed by Legislative Services. the department also has the following budgetary responsibilities: various forms of research and control of the county board operation budget, analysis of other department budgets, and analysis of the impact of the state budget on county budgets. County Board Info.

Legislative Services consists of four staff member and the County Board Chairperson.

Maintenance - 832-5091
The Maintenance Department provides corrective, preventative, and buildings and grounds maintenance for the Administration complex, Justice Center, Youth & Family Services, maintenance Building, UWEX, and Agricultural Services Facilities. They monitor all of the same services at Valley Packaging, Humane Society, and Plamann Center Facilities. The Maintenance Department provides custodial services at the Administration Complex, Justice Center, and Maintenance Facilities. they monitor all custodial services provided at the Youth & Family Services, UWEX, Agricultural Services, and Plamann Center Facilities. They are responsible for processing all paperwork associated with the computerized maintenance system, contractual services, purchasing of supplies, purchase requisitions, purchase orders, and payment vouchers. The Maintenance Department also picks up and delivers the mail to the post office. They are responsible for delivery of all mail to the outlying facilities. they deliver all bulk packages, printing orders, and county records and instructed. The maintenance department consist of 21 employees.

IT Department - 832-1530
Information Technology Department (commonly referred to as IT) provides technical guidance, assistance, and services to departments within Outagamie County. IT has the responsibility for the review, control and improvement in the areas of Micro Computer Systems, Development, Telecommunications, Printing, Mail Services, Microfilm and Records Center. IT reviews and approves purchases for supplies and equipment, external services, contracts, and products in the above areas. IT plans, manages, and supports the integration of technology into the County's business environment. IT provides start up and technical assistance as needed for each department's project. The IT department provides the user departments with support, consultation and education.

The Parks department is responsible for communicating to the public on matters related to recreational programs, upcoming events, and information on various other parks programs and services.

Recycling & Solid Waste - 832-5277 
The Recycling & Solid Waste Department provides award winning recycling and landfill services.

The Recycling & Solid Waste Department operates one of the largest publicly owned and operated, single-stream recycling facilities in the United States. The state-of-the-art Tri-County Recycling Facility is capable of processing up to 100,000 tons of material each year.

Recycling & Solid Waste also manages the curbside recycling contract. When the recycling trucks leave our neighborhoods, they travel to the Tri-County Recycling Facility where the recyclables are: 
    • Separated from one another by hand and by high-tech sorting equipment. 
    • Compressed into storage bales for easy shipping. 
    • Marketed and sold to companies to be re-manufactured into a wide array of new products.

The Recycling & Solid Waste Department currently operates the Northeast Landfill which safely and responsibly services the needs of over 200,000 households and manages over 500,000 tons of municipal solid waste from the Tri-County region. The landfill staff uses modern compaction methods and alternative daily covers to insure the value of the air space is maintained allowing the landfill to maximize its capacity over its 10 plus years of site life.

Landfill Gas to Energy:
The Recycling & Solid Waste Department maintains the landfill gas (methane) collection system and supplies the gas to a private business to generate electricity. The electricity generated from the landfill gas is sold to WPPI (Wisconsin Public Power Inc.) and distributed through Kaukauna Utilities to nearby homes and businesses. The heat created from the engines is used to heat the county highway building. This system was one of the first landfill gas cogeneration systems in the United States.

Register In Probate  - 832-5601
The Register in Probate is responsible for processing all paperwork associated with probate, guardianship, and conservatorship. Commitment and guardianship records are confidential and not open to the public. Register in Probate are only the record keepers for commitment cases and do not instruct on those cases. The primary focus is serving the public in these areas by providing information, assisting with do-it-yourself probate, helping guardians understand what is expected of them, and managing cases so as to protect the interests of all parties concerned. The office is not allowed to provide legal advice on any cases.

Register of Deeds - 832-5095
The Register of Deeds is responsible for the recording of all real estate documents and vital statistics for Outagamie County which includes birth, death and marriage certificates. The Register of Deeds office began to automate its paper filing requirements in January, 1991, beginning with the real estate grantor-grantee index. All real estate documents recorded after June, 1996 are stored on the IMS optical imaging system. The Register of Deeds systems all reside on the County's AS/400.

Sheriff - 832-5605
The Sheriff's department is responsible for initiating complaints and processing all records associated with law enforcement investigations. Additionally, the department creates all jail records relating to individuals booked into the jail, along with associated inmate activity while in custody. Various software packages are used on personal computers to enhance clerical performance and to access information that is not connected to the AS/400.

Treasure/Tax Listing - 832-5065
The Treasurer/Tax Listing department is responsible for maintaining and updating the tax master and financial file information. This involves the production of assessment rolls, tax rolls, tax bills, tax bill receipting, assessment notices, alpha and numeric lists, mailing labels, parcel maps, tax settlement, and miscellaneous revenue receipts. The Treasurer's department is responsible for the investment of surplus funds, and bank statement reconciliations. They do stop pays on line with the working bank. they do In-Rem foreclosures on properties with delinquent real estate taxes.

University of Wisconsin - Extension - 832-5121
The University of Wisconsin - Extension department consists of 18 employees, who, through its county faculty/educators, make research, teaching, general information, and counsel of the Land-Grant University and United States Department of Agriculture available to the citizens of Outagamie County. program units include: agriculture, community resource development, family living, 4-H youth development, family nutrition education, and continuing education.

Veterans Services - 832-5697
The Veterans Service Office is the contact point for veterans who are residents of Outagamie County. The Veterans Service Office provides information on various veterans programs available through various governmental agencies. This office also assists veterans in the completion of application forms and assists other agencies in verifying an individual's veteran status.

Zoning - 832-5255
The Zoning Department is responsible for the oversight of the following ordinances:
County Zoning, Shoreland, Floodplain, and Wetland Ordinance, Airport Zoning, Sanitary Ordinance, and Subdivision Ordinance.

In addition to oversight of the above ordinances, the Zoning Department manages the Wisconsin Fund Grant Program, processes farmland preservation certificates and animal waste permits, and reviews town building permits and land records. The automation used within the Zoning Department is designed to support the above activities.