Recently Passed Ordinances

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Ordinance A-2017-18, Board rule change amending Chapter 2, Division 3 - Standing Committees,Sec. 2-89 - Meetings, (c) Schedule, adding language prohibiting standing committees from scheduling regular meeting times simultaneously

Ordinance B-2017-18, Amend Code of Ordinances to combine the Emergency Management Committee and the Public Safety Committee

Ordinance C-2017-18, Amend board rules to change the regular county board meeting time from 6:30 ;.m. to 7:00 p.m. 

Ordinance D-2017-18, Amend Article IV-Section 36-91 "Speed Zones Established"

Ordinance E-2017-18, Amend Board Rule 7, Sec. 2.50, Timing for Submission to Board

Ordinance F-2017-18, Amend Board Rule 2-58, Rule 15, Supervisor's Salary and Expenses

Ordinance G-2017-18, Create Article VII of Chapter 22 - Finance and Taxation Entitled "Property Assessed Clean Energy Financing 

Ordinance H-2017-18, Amend Code of Ordinances Section 22-111, Approved Designated Depositories 

Ordinance I-2017-18, Amend Code of Ordinances Chapter 2, Sec. 2-616 in order to establish Parcel Identification Number requirements for conveyance documents

Ordinance J-2017-18, Update Outagamie County's Approved Designated Depositories

Ordinance K-2017-18, Amend Code of Ordinances Chapter 16 - Emergency Services, Sec. 16-66, Fee for Police Response

Ordinance Z-1-2017-18, Adoption of Betty Miller rezoning petition for parcel 07-0-0554-00 in the Town of Deer Creek

Ordinance Z-5-2017-18, Adoption of Julio De Arteaga rezoning petition in the Town of Dale

Ordinance Z-6-2017-18, Adoption of CHS Larsen Cooperative rezoning petition in the Town of Center

Ordinance Z-9-2017-18, Adoption of Reader rezoning petition in the Town of Freedom

Ordinance Z-15-2017-18, Adoption of Ryan and Misty Griffin rezoning petition and Town of Maple Creek rezoning

Ordinance Z-16-2017-18, Adoption of Rick Mueller rezoning petition in the Town of Center

Ordinance Z-17-2017-18, Adoption of Henry Calmes rezoning petition in the Town of Vandenbroek