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Recently Passed Code of Ordinances

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Ordinance A-2016-17, Adoption of Updated list of Outagamie County Approved Designated Depositories

Ordinance B-2016-17, Amendment to Chapter 26 - HEALTH

Ordinance C-2016-17, Amendment to Chapter 10 - AVIATION, Subdivision IV. Aircraft Operations, creating Section 10-198 - Disabled Aircraft

Ordinance D-2016-17, Amendment to Section 36-91 "Speed Zones Established" reducing speed limit from 55 mph to 45 mph on Cty Hwy JJ between Lightning Drive and Cherryvale Avenue

Ordinance E-2016-17, Amendment to Chapters 38, 46, 50, 52 and 54 removing all reference to "county planning" and "planning department" and replacing with "Department of Development & Land Services."

Ordinance F-2016-17Amendments to Board Rules updating Sections 2-47, 2-670, 2,671, and 2-262.

Ordinance Z-1-2016-17, Adoption of Town of Seymour petition to rezone 15 parcels in northern portion of the township to Exclusive Agriculture District

Ordinance Z-2-2016-17, Adoption of repeal of Chapter 44 and recreation of Chapter 44 entitled Shoreland-Wetland

Ordinance Z-3-2016-17, Adoption of repeal of Chapter 20 Erosion and Sediment Control and creation of Chapter 20 Construction Site Erosion Control

Ordinance Z-4-2016-17, Adoption of repeal of Chapter 48 Stormwater Management and creation of Chapter 48 Post Construction Storm Water Management

Ordinance Z-5-2016-17, Adoption of Claymann Creek rezoning petition in the Town of Ellington to residential single family district