Paying Your Property Tax

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  General Information

  • This page contains important information you'll need to make your property tax payments, including a link at the bottom of the page if you would like to make your payment online. Your tax bill contains all the information you need to process payments online, including your parcel ID. The first 3 digits are only used for administrative purposes, your parcel ID # is the last 9 digits. These are what you'll need to enter when you begin the process.  Please be aware that there are additional fees involved for this service. 
  • In addition to the online payment option, you can mail your payment or pay in person. Accepted forms of payment are personal check, money order, cashiers check, or cash.  
  • Your tax bill will provide you with information regarding where and when to pay your property tax. Please refer to it and read it carefully before sending in your payment. Outagamie County is not responsible for payments mailed incorrectly. If you do not have your tax bill please refer to the tab "Search Property Tax Records" on the menu on the left hand side of our page to find your tax bill.
  • If you have an escrow account set up with your mortgage holder your property tax bill will still be mailed to YOUR mailing address. It is your responsibility to coordinate with them how and when your tax payment(s) will be made.
  • The tax collection conducted by the County Treasurer's Office is bound by Chapter 74 of the Wisconsin State Statutes and is required to follow the laws described therein.
 Payment Schedule
  •  Current property tax payments are due on or before January 31st to the municipality the property is located in. 
    • An installment option is available to all property owners with a tax bill greater than $100
    • City of Appleton residents have an option to make 4 payments with due dates of January 31st , March 31st, May 31st, and July 31st, payable at the City of Appleton. If these dates fall on a weekend the due date becomes the next business day.
    • All other Outagamie County property owners have a two payment option, being due on January 31st, paid to your municipality and July 31st, paid to the County Treasurer.
    • Please refer to your tax bill for collection site details.


  • Delinquency and Interest
    • If your initial payment is received after January 31st your taxes are considered delinquent and the full amount becomes due and payable, regardless of whether you are paying in full or in installments.
    • Per WI Stat § 74.47 (1) interest of 1% will be charged on any unpaid balance beginning on February 1st, accruing monthly until paid in full
    • If an installment payment is considered delinquent, the full amount becomes due and payable with 1% interest on the unpaid principal charged back to Feb 1st.


  • Fees for Online Payments
    • The fee for an E-Check is $1.50.
    • The fee for a VISA debit card is $3.95. Please note that you can only select debit if you have a VISA Debit card. Any other type of debit card must be processed as a credit card.
    • The fee for a credit card is 2.39% of the amount you are paying.


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