Fitness And Nutrition (FAN) Coalition

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Healthy Eating, Active Living

Who are we?
The FAN Coalition grew out of the Outagamie County Community Health Improvement Planning process, which identified nutrition, physical activity and obesity prevention as priority health issues for our county. We have joined with Community Action for Healthy Living (CAHL), a well-established community coalition focusing on prevention and healthy lifestyles. We strive toward building capacity within our community to implement best, evidence-based and promising strategies, identify and enhance communication with non-traditional partners, and create opportunities for program sustainability.

What are the goals? 
            (1) Decrease prevalence of overweight and obesity through individual, environmental, social, and policy 
            level changes. 
            (2) Increase physical activity by enhancing the built environment to increase opportunities for safe 
            physical activity. 
            (3) Improve nutrition by promoting increased fruit and vegetable consumption, decreased sweetened 
            beverage consumption, portion control, and reduced intake of high energy dense foods (junk foods).

What are we working on?
Check out the FAN Coalition org chart or FAN Brochure to see what we are all involved in!

For more information or to get involved, contact the Outagamie County Public Health Division at (920) 832-5100 or click here to email us.